Childhood Asthma – A Manageable Illness

Childhood Asthma – A Manageable Illness

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As parents, you only want to give the best to your child. The best education, best health-care, best clothes! Nothing would hurt more than seeing them suffer. But, childhood asthma is one disease that your tiny tot may acquire, in spite of you taking several preventive measures. But worry not, we are about to tell you how to prevent asthma in babies!

Causes Of Childhood Asthma:


These cause inflammation and narrowing of tubes in the airways. Thereby, causing shortness of breath.

how to prevent asthma in babies
Release them from the claws of asthma | Image: File Image
Genetic factors:

If asthma runs in the family, the child is very likely to acquire it.

Smoking during pregnancy:

This makes your child more susceptible to asthma. It is fatal to you and your child’s life. Hence, quit smoking!

Air pollution and pollen:  

Air pollution and pollen from flowers trigger childhood asthma. Children tend to develop allergies due to these two factors.

Frequent childhood airway infections:

Frequent infections give way to an overly sensitive immune system. Increased sensitivity leads to swelling in the lungs and airways.

Think Right Tips On How To Prevent Asthma In Babies:

  • Keep them away triggering factors like dust mite, furry toys, pets, pollen, smoke, and carpets.
  • Avoid smoking near a child. Passive smoking can be a major cause of asthma attacks in children.
  • If caught early, childhood asthma can be treated by regular medications and inhalers.
  • Sometimes, breathing exercises help to strengthen the lungs and provide the child with some relief.

Source: Med India

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