Your Actions Will Catch Up With You!

Your Actions Will Catch Up With You!

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There is an old saying – ‘words are more dangerous than weapons’ and truly so! On rough days, without thinking about the impact of words on others, we blurt out on our dear ones. And these words might hurt them like broken glass! How can we be mindful of this? Read on to know –

A Short Story On The Impact Of Words On Others:

Once, a highly successful businessman was going to work. On the way, he was bitten by a dog. Brimming with anger, he threw some rocks at the dog, but the dog managed to escape. He reached his office and took out all his anger on his employees. This misplaced anger, went from one level to the next, till it reached the lowest level, the peon.

impact of words on others
The domino effect | Image: File Image

Now the peon could not take it out on someone at work. So, when he reached home he took out all the anger on his wife! The poor woman did not understand where this uncalled anger was stemming from. She, in turn, take it all out on their son. Now, that poor boy was upset!

He walks out of the house and sees a dog pass by. In his anger and frustration, he picks up a rock and hits and hurts the dog. This dog was the same, who bit the businessman in the first place!

Think Right Tips:

  • From this particular story, we learn two things. First and foremost, is the impact of words on others. Our hurtful words can ruin the other person’s mood. They also tend to lash out on people who really don’t deserve it.
  • Secondly, we must remember that our actions always bear consequences. Whatever we do, we have to pay for it. Every deed, be it good or bad, will always come back to us.

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