The Importance Of Staying Safe While Online

The Importance Of Staying Safe While Online

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The web world is equally enticing for adults and kids alike. From the moment we wake up to the time we close our eyes, we are addicted to the internet. Be it social media, online games, or reading, we are always hooked onto it. And why not? After all, it’s an important tool of modern times that helps almost every individual in so many ways. The increasing popularity of the internet makes it important for everyone to understand cyber safety and why is it important to stay safe online.

The necessary evil of modern times

Simply put, the internet is a necessary evil of modern times. We definitely cannot live without it. Neither can we ignore the turpitudes that come along with it.

Why is it important to stay safe online, especially for kids?

Whether it is acing a school project or staying connected with that third standard friend who moved to a different city. Kids are actively using the internet, at times even without parental supervision. Needless to state, there are a few risks involved in this and parents should be aware of them.

What are the internet safety risks for kids?
  1. Content Risks: Children may accidentally come across content that makes them uncomfortable during internet surfing, such as, pornography, violence, and so on.
  2. Contact Risks: Kids may come in contact with strangers, dangerous people posing as kids, or people fishing for their personal information to name a few.
  3. Conduct Risks: Inadvertently, children may act in an unacceptable way. For example, they may perform any in-app purchases without consulting the parents.

These risks cannot be ignored because it affects them in various ways. So, it is important that parents ensure their child’s internet safety.

why is it important to stay safe online
Why is it important to stay safe online? | Image: File Image

Teach these basics to your child to help them stay safe online

Tip # 1: Choosing a good password

Passwords are the most crucial part of any internet account. It is essential to choose a password that can be easily memorized. Something that is both unique and strong. The trick is to not use anniversary dates, or pets’ names or nicknames etc., as this information can be available and is easy to guess, even for a stranger.

Tip # 2: Keeping the phone locked

Phones today have the option of a lock code. By using the shortest lock time and longest lock code, it makes it difficult for anyone to pick up someone else’s phone and use it irresponsibly.

Tip # 3: Sharing content responsibly

The trend of the modern youth is to post nearly everything online for the whole world to see! And so it’s important to teach kids that whatever they post on the internet can be open for everyone to view. So, they should put out only what they are comfortable with.

Tip # 4: Staying off others’ devices

Mostly, people pick up someone else’s phone and use it to play pranks or just post something in the owner’s name. Apart from being extremely illegal, this is immoral too. Cell phones are as personal as diaries; its privacy should always be respected. It should always be kept in mind, that what seems to be done in jest by us, could prove to be very harmful to someone else.

Tip # 5: Logging out

Last but not least, we should always remember to log out of any account once we are done using it. This prevents a third party from misusing the same.

All these do’s and don’ts may seem tedious at first, but they are a sure-shot way of protecting one’s privacy and ensuring that our children are protected too. With all kinds of technological advancements, it is important to be safe when online, and also teach the younger generation to handle their social media accounts responsibly.


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