The Best Of 2022: 10 Lessons We’re Carrying With Us To 2023 

The Best Of 2022: 10 Lessons We’re Carrying With Us To 2023 

It’s natural to take stock as you enter a new year, reflecting on the lessons you’d like to take with you. Let's learn from the best of 2022.
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Every year is different than the other; with new experiences, new people, new destinations, and new lessons. Over the past twelve months, we’ve faced so many new challenges while also accomplishing more than we could’ve imagined. As we begin the New Year, our minds tend to compartmentalise our lives into little chapters, chapters that brought both highs and lows into our lives. The New Year not only gives us the chance to form newer chapters, but it also gives us the opportunity to go back and honour the chapters that we’ve lived through. Let’s take this time and learn from the best of 2022.  

Each period of our lives has a purpose and is meant to teach us something. Even our most painful moments provide us with lessons that make us stronger and wiser for the future. So, as we reflect on our past year, we’re pinpointing ten of the most poignant life lessons that we’re carrying with us to 2023.  

The Best Of 2022: 10 Lessons To Carry To 2023  

1. Our habits shape our lives  

We usually don’t think about the things that we do in our daily lives. It’s like we’re running on autopilot without realising that these things are becoming our everyday habits. And while good habits take you toward positivity, bad habits pull you down. So, choose your habits carefully and do an analysis of the good and bad habits. List down all the things that you do every day along with their long-term effects. Make a bold decision and take control of what you participate in.  

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2. Challenges foster growth  

If going through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that facing difficulties and rising above them can lead us to develop and grow in amazing ways. It helps us understand our strengths and capabilities, how far we can go when pushed. In 2023, take purposeful steps to reach out of your comfort zone and find your best self.  

3. Mistakes don’t break us, they fortify us 

We’re often too hard on ourselves when we make mistakes because we’re conditioned to achieve perfection. However, we need to create awareness of the fact that perfection is overrated. Set yourself free by realising that mistakes are lessons, and you can take these lessons with you forever. Mistakes should not haunt you if you treat them as lessons. Practice self-forgiveness and move forward.  

4. Know how to communicate your needs  

Feeling frustrated and misunderstood in relationships, professional or personal, is normal. What we need to understand is that we need to meet people halfway when it comes to fulfilling our needs. People are not mind readers. Honest communication, even if something is hard to convey, can help you speak your truth and let the other person know your needs.  

5. Peace comes from within  

Image | Unsplash / Sage Friedman

When faced with hardships, we learn that our inner reserves of peace help us stay optimistic and empowered. We need to fill up our reserve with mindful practices that help the mind stop its restless thinking. Analyse which aspects of your life deplete you most and regularly set aside time for self-care activities like breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and journaling.  

6. Don’t take life so seriously; have fun, be silly  

Life is beautiful, magical, and wonderful – if you let it be. We’re often so caught up in the chaos of our day-to-day lives, we get distracted by our misfortunes and take them to heart. We forget to enjoy the little things that uplift our spirits. Humour helps us find the silver lining in situations where things don’t go as expected and navigate them easily.  

7. Learn something new every day  

As we learn new skills, we discover more gifts about ourselves and improve our confidence and sense of well-being. Learning a new language, practising an instrument, or planting your own herb garden can give you happiness and a sense of purpose. A new activity also helps you break away from the monotony of everyday and boost your zest for life, teaching you the beauty of mental flexibility. You’ll strengthen your brain and feel more empowered.  

8. The beauty of life lies in simplicity  

So many things that we take for granted at home bring people joy elsewhere. 2020 and the consecutive years after that taught us that the need to do all the things, have all the things, and be all the things is contentious when life’s beauty lies in the ordinary. When everything was stripped away, we realised that we had everything needed to feel happy and fulfilled. Fulfilment comes from having the right things at the right time.  

Learn to be in the moment with this soothing mini break.

9. Take care of your body; the place you live in 

Our bodies are the container of experiences; they hold memories, emotions, and thoughts. We’re all born with a sense of movement and our bodies have a language unique only to them. Daily movement as a form of therapy helps us enhance our cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It helps us express ourselves, particularly the thoughts or issues that are repressed. Movement could be anything, from exercise and yoga to dancing or simply a walk around the block. It encourages us to connect with ourselves better. 

10. Water your own grass  

Comparison is the fast track to unhappiness; a recipe for misery that leaves chaos in its wake. Comparing ourselves to others keeps us focused on what we dislike about ourselves and our lives, making us lose time that we could otherwise invest in our growth. Instead, say yes to every part of your life. Once you’ve acknowledged everything about yourself, the good and the bad, you can make decisions that propel you in the right direction.  

There is one thing that you’re better at than other people: being you. Let 2023 be the year you become a better and more improved version of your past self!  

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