6 Happiness-Boosting Things To Do For A Wonderful New Year

6 Happiness-Boosting Things To Do For A Wonderful New Year

Let this new year be a chance for you to take control of your happiness.
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We all want to be happy. With life being so hectic, chaotic and filled with challenges, finding opportunities for personal good, satisfaction, relationships, purpose and kindness is extremely important. Still, while we all desire to be happier, the pursuit of the emotion can feel fleeting. Even science backs the theory that happiness brings better physical health and even a higher pay check. It may be easy to pursue happiness as a result but it also serves as a significant driver. It’s proven that happy people do accomplish more.  

So, how do you go about becoming a happier person in the new year? Well, we’ve put together 6 happiness-boosting things you can do that can give you a head start into a joyful year.  

6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Happy Hormones

1. Start Each Day With A Smile  

Okay, this may sound redundant but being happy is as simple as this suggestion. Why we’re saying this so confidently is because it’s backed by science. Smiling sends positive signals to neural brain circuits related to well-being and happiness. Research also suggests that smiling can help us recover faster from stress and lower our heart rate. Try it, make yourself smile and see how the positive effect multiplies.  

2. Find Joy In The Little Things  

Many of us don’t realise but life is an accumulation of small moments. Of course, we cannot overlook the milestones that shift a person’s direction and create new paths for them. Still, everyday life as we know it goes on filled with small, inconsequential moments that go unnoticed by us. These small moments can be the place we find the most joy. When you allow yourself to feel joy, it’s easier to find it. Find joy in that first sip of hot coffee every morning, or the warmth of the sunlight as you step out of your home, or the aroma and taste of your mother’s handmade food. We often take these little things for granted but celebrating them is the true meaning of happiness.  

Meditating can be a great way to find inner happiness, begin with this wonderful one by globally renowned spiritual guide BK Shivani.  

3. Make Connections  

We humans are social beings, we love meeting, talking and getting to know other people. Studies have also given substantial evidence of the fact that social connection boosts happiness and well-being in humans. For example; the construct of time drives us to spend more time with our family and friends rather than choosing to work more. Happiness is also a “collective phenomenon”, our happiness also depends on the happiness of those who we chose to connect with.  

happy people
If we surround ourselves with happy people, we’ll naturally be happier. Image | File

4. Reflect On Your Blessings  

Gratitude is a practice that’s been proven to level up your happiness. Reflecting on the parts of your life that bring joy and safety can invoke positive emotions, lower anxiety, improve perspective taking and build healthier relationships. We all have something to be grateful for, reminding yourself of your blessings daily can help develop stronger resilience and confidence in your ability to face life’s challenges. Every night before bed, write down 5 things you are grateful for and see how drastically your wellbeing improves.  

This guided meditation can remind you of all the good you have in life as well as help you attract love and happiness.  

5. Choose Positivity With Affirmations  

A positive attitude isn’t something that comes to you, it’s something that you acquire. Through constant practice and dedication to yourself and your wellbeing. Science has proven that a positive attitude does increase happiness and rightfully so. And while it does take practice to fight off negativity and the fear of rejection, saying positive affirmations daily can combat thoughts that don’t serve you well. Opting for the glass half-full outlook can counteract the effects of adversity.  

6. Be Present  

Today is a gift, don’t waste it by dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Changing your mindset to live in the present can add to your happiness quotient. When you’re in the present, you’re aware of your body, your breath, your heartbeat, the sensations you feel, the sounds you hear, the people that surround you, all the things that prove that you are alive and thriving.  

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