Inside: The Secret To Unlocking Happiness In Life And Beyond

Inside: The Secret To Unlocking Happiness In Life And Beyond

Look closer, as happiness is usually found in the smaller things in life.
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Always wondered how people inculcate happiness in their lives? Read this story to find out how.

In a far-off village somewhere was a blacksmith. His days would pass by hammering at locks and shaping keys. He also had an assistant who would help the blacksmith and in return learn everything about this job.

His assistant was a keen and observant person. Every day, he would notice this one thing, a little key would open such huge and heavy locks with so much ease.

So, one day he walks up to the blacksmith and asks him, “Why does the hammer, which is so strong and heavy take such a long time to break a lock. While the key in spite of being so tiny can unlock it in no time?”

Force only destroys | Image: File Image

He smirked and replied, “Whatever amount of force you exert to break the lock with the hammer is only external. We beat it up until it ultimately breaks and that is how we open it. Whereas, the key goes in and fits well in the lock’s cavity and opens it without breaking the lock. Look at it this way, when we try to force our opinion on others, without considering their opinion and well-being, things might work out, but at the cost of the other person’s self-esteem—like in case of the hammer. And, when you take other’s opinion into account, value their individuality and respect, you can achieve the same result without having to break down the person to their last bits—like in case of the key. This is why the key wins against the hammer, every time.”

This simple thing teaches us so much in life. Be it at home, work or with friends, when we value others, their thoughts and feelings resonate with us without having to force things. But, if we continue to pile our opinions and thoughts on others, they will never feel a sense of belonging, love or respect towards you.

The thing to remember here is that the hammer breaks the lock, it does not open it. So, ‘be the key to someone’s heart’.

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