What We Can Learn From Being Alone

What We Can Learn From Being Alone

Alone doesn’t always have to be lonely.
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Our time spent socialising can teach us a lot. It feels good to be around people as it teaches us how to improve our habits and adopt new things when around interesting people. And just like this, our time spent alone can also teach us many things.

All the noise and activities of our every day can sometimes feel chaotic enough to drown us,

and instill a sense of loneliness. Solitude in turn can positively affect our health and wellbeing.

Here’s how.

Solitude can help you get to know yourself

Building solitude into your daily life can not only help alleviate loneliness but also help you make choices without outside opinion. This helps you build better insight to what kind of person you really are. It may take practice but it can help get you better acquainted with yourself.

Solitude can boost creativity and productivity

It lets your creative juices flow | Image: File Image

A private space always helps create better. Why do you think artists and authors insist on escaping into a private space to create their best creation? Studies confirm that people perform better when they have complete privacy and what better way to find it than alone.

Solitude increases your emotional intelligence

To be emotionally intelligent, one needs to start with self awareness. Since this requires a deep understanding of your behaviour, emotions, habits, etc, the best way to attain this is to spend time with yourself. Being more self aware allows you to create better relationships with others by understanding your emotions as well as theirs and in return controlling how you behave around others.

Solitude boosts your self-esteem

There’s nothing more misdirecting than feeling bored in your own company. This can lead to you thinking that you’re the one who’s boring or that you need other people around to be happy. Being content in your own company can be like a shot of confidence, letting you know that you’re enough.

Solitude helps build trust in yourself

Life is better when you believe in yourself | Image: File Image

Freedom defines more the power of taking responsibility for your actions rather than simply doing what you want. It’s the test of your ability to trust your instinct and take decisions without any outside influence that instils trust in yourself. In solitude, you develop your own opinions and thoughts that create the foundation for your beliefs that help you make decisions.

Here’s how you can achieve solitude in your every day.

No need to put aside hours and hours of time for yourself. A small 10 minute break away from the bustle of every day and a moment to yourself can help completely refresh you. If you prefer doing an activity such as going for a walk alone, taking a drive, writing in your journal, any moment spent alone can help calm your thoughts and connect you with yourself. 

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