How To Change Your Mindset For 2021

How To Change Your Mindset For 2021

After a tumultuous 2020, these mindset shifts will help you perceive a brighter 2021.
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Have you ever felt disoriented and sidetracked when it came to focusing on your goals and resolutions? Do you feel like there are some changes you need to make to get on the correct path and turn your life around? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you’re in the right place. With the end of a chaotic year and the arrival of a brand new year, we’ve been given a chance to relook at ourselves and our perception and mindset towards things. And it’s easy to say that the time for change is now.

We’re discussing 5 ways in which you can shift your mindset towards a positive turn for a happier 2021.

1. Accept the evolvement of your thinking

Most of the times when people fail, they usually start to think about the things that need to be changed. But never do people consider their our thought process to be their biggest drawback. In a society where new resources and new skills are so easily acquired, we need to accept that our personal, as well as professional growth, depends on how we’re evolving with the times. And one of the biggest ways we can grow is through our mindset and how we think.

2. Recognise your counter-mindsets

Your only limits are the ones you set yourself | Image: File Image

Our mindsets are formed through past experiences and practices and those that don’t provide the results we desire are known as counter-mindsets. A few good examples of the concept would be self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and other negative thoughts that hinder the process of positivity and success. By taking note of these negative thoughts, you analyse when the nagging voice inside your head surfaces and how to limit those thoughts by identifying key triggers.

3. Understand your “why”

Formed and practised habits take a lot of time to break and one of the main goals to achieve when changing your mindset is evolving formed habits. By delving deeper and understand why you’re putting the effort to accept change can help you look at things in a refreshing manner, as changing habits is as good as start fresh. Look at your goals as a transformational change, something significant that will take work but will be meaningful and rewarding at the end of the journey. Once you’ve understood your “why” write it down on a notebook as writing it on paper promotes motivation.

4. Start small to achieve big

Think big, start small, move fast | Image: File Image

This may sound too basic but the most important push to give yourself is the initial push, starting with small, absolutely achievable goals that can help evolve your mindset. If your goal is to be fit this year, start by doing a push up a day. By consistently hitting our goals, as small as possible, we are developing new mindset ideas by inculcating positive habits in our routine.

5. Understand failure

The above points are the stepping stones towards a more positive mindset but to make a change, we must realise that motivation and mindset are not enough. The secret ingredient to success it thorough hard work. But to work hard, we need to also be comfortable with failure. Encountering obstacles and even failing is a part of the process, the important thing to remember is to keep persisting forward.    

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