5 Lessons We’ve Learnt In The Past One Year

5 Lessons We’ve Learnt In The Past One Year

A year of living with the worst pandemic to hit planet earth. What have we learnt so far?
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If you’re reading this, it means you have successfully managed to stay indoors for a whole year amidst a ravaging pandemic. Let that sink in.   

What started off as a confusing work from home opportunity for all employees is now becoming a burning point for them. Vacations have been cancelled because of the scare of catching the virus. Going out is something of the past or has now evolved into more intimate occasions. Concerts and live music are something we think as part of nostalgia. We’ve all become masters of the indoors, cooking up delicacies that were made at our favourite restaurant; some have become master bakers too. In a nutshell, we have formed a world within the confines of four walls.   

As daunting as times may seem, it has been a great learning experience for all of us as well. Here are some lessons that the pandemic has taught all of us:  

We’re social beings

Social distancing and self-isolation became an important part of our lives in the past year. This meant not having the option to meet your loved ones, friends as you did before. To break the chain, it became important to physically isolate ourselves from others. While it did take a mental toll on all of us, technology came to our rescue and helped us connect with our loved ones and bridge the gap. Thus, it became clear to us how important our relationships were to us.   

Diet is everything

All the stress eating, baking and the munching started showing on our body. We learnt that our body can be healthy only when our mind was. Eating in excess was something that we found warmth in. Workout spaces were caught up in the dirt as our homes became the new exercise spots, but for some of us, it wasn’t the same. About time we found new ways to burn fat and stay healthy.    

Family may be the best medicine

You can share your life’s wisdom even from a distance. Video calling and connectivity has bridged the distance between our loved ones, especially the older generation. So, what if you can’t hug your granddaughter or nephews and nieces in person, you can always see and speak with them.

Work Is Anywhere Now

Technology has made so much possible in the past two years. Companies and enterprises have realised that you don’t need to be in an office space to function. You may work remotely from your house or a permanent holiday destination as well. This has also shown an increase in productivity, and companies also manage to save money through rent and other expenses. Being close to our loved ones and spending more time with them has allowed us to feel and function better.  

Back to basics

There has been an immense return exodus of people from metropolitan cities. Migrant workers in India have gone back to their hometowns. Further away from home, the working class in New York have gone back home, leaving more than 80% of rental apartments empty or the contract weren’t renewed during the pandemic. Layoffs happening on a large scale made it difficult for people to pay rent or make their livelihoods. This meant that people had to go back and revisit their roots. Rediscover themselves before they can come back to this chaos and find their purpose. What may have been a cast of bad luck may have turned out to be a boon for some to revisit and connect with their old roots in order to understand themselves better.   

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