, Your Emotional Fitness App Is Now Live!, Your Emotional Fitness App Is Now Live!

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How often do you normalize your negative emotions? Is anger really ‘natural’ when your teenager back-answers? Or is stress that ‘natural’ when there are deadlines to meet at work? Moreover, are such reactions ‘healthy’ for you or those around you?

Well, definitely not.

So then, is it possible to have another obvious; another natural; one that’s healthy on every level? The answer to this is a big, resounding YES! And what’s more, all it takes is a bit of ‘Think Right’ to make this big shift.

Find an Emotional Fitness Companion in our App, anchored by the globally acclaimed emotional mentor, BK Sister Shivani. Here’s more about why and how to use it to become a more positive YOU.

Why Think Right?

Every thought you create influences your feelings and impacts upon your health, relationships, performance, and the world at large. A positive change in your thoughts is the way to find happiness, health, and harmony across all aspects of your life., your Emotional Fitness App, helps you reprogram your mind to right thinking. A loving friend, it takes you on a transformational journey and makes happiness, health, and harmony a normal way of living.

Create a New Vibrant & Positive You – shift from stress to calmness, anger to patience, fear to confidence and hurt to compassion. Peak Emotional Fitness is just One Click Away.

How to use

Discover the life-changing power of Daily Affirmations and Reflections with BK Sister Shivani, to experience a positive emotional transformation.

Every morning, an Affirmation will be posted on the App for you, to follow through the day. An Article, posted along with the Affirmation, will help you understand it better and follow it practically. In the evening every day, BK Sister Shivani will meet you via video, to help you look back on your day with a Reflection. Hand-holding, through notifications, will be provided to help you remain committed to ‘thinking right’.

Record your emotions on the Emotional Fitness Tracker to analyse your predominant feelings.

You can choose from the range of emotions provided in the chart in the App. Or you can also key in your feelings if they are not already mentioned.

Get SOS help to manage your negative emotions through 1-Minute Guided Meditations.

All you have to do is choose how you’re feeling in the SOS section of the App and follow BK Sister Shivani’s guidance. And you’re sure to calm down instantly.

Guided Meditations to help you in various life situations.

Right from why and how to meditate to working on your negative emotional patterns, offers a variety of Guided Meditations to assist you on your journey. Whether you want to let go of your fears or improve your relationships, we have your back.

Quieten the doubts in your mind with LIVE Q & A Sessions with BK Sister Shivani.

Ask appropriate questions to BK Sister Shivani and if your question is chosen, get answers from her in a LIVE Session. Stay tuned and be a regular on App to explore this upcoming feature.

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