TRM News: Know What’s New In The World Of Mindfulness This Week

TRM News: Know What’s New In The World Of Mindfulness This Week

From CRED stepping into the luxury travel world to Gen Z and millennials seeking spirituality, here's everything new this week.
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We’ve got the latest happenings in the world of mindfulness and wellness with the TRM News.

IKEA Launches Emotion-Regulating Light Fixtures

sabine marcelis

Mindful Travel Takes A Step Ahead With Sleep Tourism

sleep tourism
mindful travel
trm news

VAHDAM India Steps Into The Spice Industry With VAHDAM Spices

vahdam india
vikas khanna
vahdam spices

Gen Z & Millennials Are On A Pursuit Of Spiritual Happiness

spiritual happiness

CRED Ventures Into The Luxury Travel Space With CRED Escapes

cred escapes

A Place To Exercise Your Brain? Welcome Mental Health Gyms

mental health gyms

Oblu Nature Helengeli By Sentido To Revamp Their Look By December 2023

oblu nature helengeli

Malaika Arora Takes On The Role Of Angel Investor And Brand Ambassador At Kapiva

malaika arora

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