Vegetarian VS Non-Vegetarian Foods: Which Is Better?

Vegetarian VS Non-Vegetarian Foods: Which Is Better?

Facts and scientifically-backed data that will help you make a better choice!
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Its 2020 and about time we found out if being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian has adverse effects to us or our surroundings? It’s an ongoing debate, and here we help you make a better choice for yourself.

Our body needs more than protein, Omega 3, fats

It is true that meat and its by-products have a lot of protein content in it, but the human body loses out on the other important micronutrients which can only be derived from plant-based food. This is where foods like pulses, vegetables and grains come into the picture.

A vegetarian diet is more balanced

A diet on plants and plant-based food is more balanced and packed with nutrients important for the human body. The human body needs more nutrients other than fats and Omega 3 which are not always provided by non-vegetarian food. A vegetarian diet is very much capable of delivering complete nutrition!

Vegetarian diet lowers your risk of cancer

Since a plant-based diet is balanced, saturated fats are low and the diet keeps blood pressures and cholesterol in control. It also keeps all your cardiovascular issues at check. Essentially, plant-based diets are low on sodium and potassium which will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Bone health and weight loss

A vegetarian diet does not only provide a balanced diet but also promotes healthy bone because of the less intake of saturated fats. One has fewer chances of osteoporosis no matter how old they are. Several studies have also shown that the particular diet helps you stay lean, with a controlled BMI, controlled blood pressure and even lower cholesterol. Maintaining your weight is easier if you are a vegetarian.

Sustainable eating

In 2016, the UN did declare that for years to come humans would have to eat vegan or “less of non-vegetarian” for the human population to thrive. Achieving the date by 2030 has been set as the goal which will require a profound change of the global food and agricultural system.

Hope you have much more information than you did before and this may help with your future culinary endeavours. Choose wisely!

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