Feeling Blue? Make A Rainbow Out Of It!

Feeling Blue? Make A Rainbow Out Of It!

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Does it ever happen to you that in spite of having every comfort, every stability in your life, you feel an emptiness inside? Like a hole, you want to fill, but don’t know how! These are signs that something significant is missing in your life. Plenty of questions might cross your mind, and you may often wonder, what to do when you feel spiritually empty? You can take a sigh of relief, as all your questions shall be answered right below –

This Emptiness Might Have Arisen From – 

The absence or passing away of a loved one:

The passing away of some we love creates that vacuum in our lives that we are unable to fill.

what to do when you feel spiritually empty
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Abandoning yourself:

some people unknowingly abandon themselves, while they strive for others’ approval. This can cause anxiety, depression, guilt or shame.

Unsatisfied with work or personal life:

Some people feel the emptiness because they find their work unsatisfying. They may also feel that their relationships are unfulfilling.

What To Do When You Feel Spiritually Empty? 

Gently acknowledge the emptiness:

It is alright to feel lonely and empty, as long as you are ready to acknowledge it. You should be gentle in dealing with yourself and give yourself time to move on.

Spend time with yourself:

Spend some quality time with yourself. Activities like reading, meditating, exercising, etc. helps you focus on yourself.

Explore your feelings:

It really helps if you explore your feelings. This will gradually broaden your tolerance power. Assert yourself in the decisions you make.

Give yourself credit:

The most important way to overcome this hollow feeling is by feeling good about yourself. Positivity is a great tool you can use in overcoming this emptiness. If you have done something commendable, then give yourself complete credit!

Think Right Tip:

  • Life is short and we should the make most out of it
  • Laugh and love and celebrate every single moment
  • Do not waste it on negative feelings

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