Which Of These Lockdown Personality Type Are You?

Which Of These Lockdown Personality Type Are You?

Studies show three kinds of ‘pandemic personalities,’ find out which one you are!
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We are living in a very topsy-turvy time right now, and the lockdown is affecting everyone differently, to be precise, in three different ways. According to the researchers in King’s College London, they noticed that we are dealing with the crisis by either Accepting, Suffering, or Resisting it.

What does this mean?

We break it down for you.

The Accepting Type
The Accepting Type
  • having difficulty sleeping due to coronavirus
  • arguing more with people they live with
  • are supporting the lockdown
  • are following rules completely/nearly all the time
The Suffering Type
The Suffering Type
  • thinking about coronavirus all the time
  • feeling a bit anxious throughout the day
  • have slept less or worse than usual
  • are getting hyper while maintaining safety rules
The Resisting Type
The Resisting Type
  • not so conscious about following the rules
  • are not that supportive of the lockdown
  • less likely to follow official advice
  • have met their family and friends

That said, we would like to add that given the situation, there is no ‘right or wrong’ feeling. Nobody can state a ‘normal’ way to feel about things, that is beyond our control. But what we can control are our actions. Ensure that you follow the preventive rules as much as we can and remember that there is no excuse for breaking them!

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