Angry All The Time And Don’t Know Why?

Angry All The Time And Don’t Know Why?

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To err or to feel angry is human. But at certain times anger gets the best of us, and all that underlying rage makes us snap at people. To top it all, this all-consuming anger mostly has no valid explanation hence it becomes more frustrating. The thought keeps on churning in our heads. Why am I so angry and sad for no reason?  There are many justifications as to why am I so angry and sad for no reason. This article discusses the same.

Why Am I So Angry And Sad For No Reason?

Weak boundaries:

This happens when you say yes to something when you really wanted to say no. Being people-pleaser drains and irritates you.

why am I so angry and sad for no reason
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Lack of sleep:

More often than not, the lack of sleep is a big reason behind being angry 24*7.

High anxiety:

People with high anxiety usually feel overwhelmed because they have to work hard at managing their own emotional state. When this becomes overbearing, all the anger rushes out like a tsunami.

Feeling invisible:

Many people feel angry in their relationships. They feel that others don’t see and acknowledge them. Thereby, making them angry. Your expectations of that person remain unfulfilled.

The need to control:

Some people have control issues. They want to have control over everything around them. The fact is that life is very unpredictable. The inability to control the world around gives rise to extreme rage for no apparent reason.

Masking your anger:

Some people, especially women, mask their real feelings, because of societal constraints. They cover anger with confusion or at times even happiness. However, this is very short-lived. This person would often question; why am I so angry and sad for no reason?

Anger is an important emotion. Acknowledging feelings of anger and using this to understand your basic emotions is the key to your emotional well-being.

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