Cast Your Vote – Come What May!

Cast Your Vote – Come What May!

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Why is voting an important responsibility? 

To make a democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain. Each vote counts and you must cast your vote for a better tomorrow, for a brighter future for all of your loved ones.Talk about why is voting an important responsibility, I have seen people over 100 years old go and vote. I have seen people with all kinds of physical disabilities vote. But it is the first time I have heard of a woman going to vote, just an hour after she gave birth to a baby boy.

cast your vote for a better tomorrow
The voters queued up to cast their vote | Image: File Image
Her Story

23-year old Manisha Rani gave birth to her second child in Haryana’s Kaithal district. Just an hour later she was at the voting booth casting her vote, exercising her right to choose for her country.

Her husband, Pawan Kumar, sells clothes on his bicycle. He accompanied Manisha and their newborn son to exercise their right to vote on the Kaithal segment of Kurukshetra parliamentary constituency.

Despite being educated only till class 5, both Manisha and her husband, knew the importance of voting. Childbirth is probably the hardest thing a woman has to go through. It takes a heavy toll on one’s body and mind. Not paying any heed to her pain and troubles, she decided to cast her vote. Having promised the booth level officer, she did not go back on her promise.

Resilient & Resolute

Manisha, a resident of Bhat colony of Dhand Town in Kaithal district withstood the hot sultry weather, the swarm of voters and cast her vote for democracy. “What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger”. Manisha is yet another example who elucidates this saying. Childbirth may lessen your physical strength but it does make a woman stronger, both emotionally and spiritually, and her courage then knows no bounds. Manisha Rani has set a wonderful precedence for people around her. She voted in hope of a brighter tomorrow for her children and the entire nation too.

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