Why You Need To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

The added benefit of walking as a way of exercising is that you can sneakily incorporate more steps in your routine walk, getting you up to your goal with ease.
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After a year full of staying indoors and not having the opportunity to walk outside or move about, 2021 has re-instilled the idea of exercising and being kind to our bodies. And while not many can take out the time to push out a 30 minute workout, walking can be an easy and practical way to get in your daily dose of movement every day.

And the added benefit of walking as a way of exercising is that you can sneakily incorporate more steps in your routine, getting you up to your goal with ease.

To know how to reach 10,000 steps a day, read on:
Track your steps

To reach your appropriate step goal, firstly calculate your current movement level. If you’re not prone to movement then start with 3000 and slowly build your way up to 10,000. Start by using a tracker to count your daily steps and aiming to level up your step count each day next week. So for example, if you walk 4000 steps this week, try reaching 6000 next week and 8000 a week after that.

Why You Need to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day
Walk between errands

For days when you have a packed schedule of errands to run, fit in a couple 1000 steps between tasks. Instead of driving to each errand, park in a central location and walk to each task in and about that area. Or better yet, commence the journey on foot if you’re enthusiastic about putting in the steps for the day.

Commute by walking to work

Commuting can be a boring activity but if you can fit in a few 1000 steps doing a task that you do every day, doesn’t that seem like an added bonus? If you’re someone who takes the bus or train every morning, try walking to the bus stop or station or get off a few stops early and walk to the office. For someone, or almost everyone now, who works from home, try walking around your apartment building during work breaks or head out for a coffee from a shop that’s walking distance from your home.

Have a walking buddy

Having a plus one not only keeps you motivated but also keeps you accountable and monitors your growth daily. Walking with a partner can help you achieve two tasks at once, reaching your step count and socialising for a better and healthier mindset.

Walking can have a major impact on your life, positively. It can improve the quality of your life, reduce anxiety and stress and can also help with weight loss. Studies have proven that walking more is also a reason for decreased mortality rate. But don’t feel discouraged if you’re not hitting your goal of 10,000 steps every day. We promise, every step counts so make the most of it.

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