How Much Water Do You Actually Require In A Day?

How Much Water Do You Actually Require In A Day?

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You might have come across various lifestyle blogs and articles which state that water is the miracle drink that will cure an array of problems. So without much ado, one might simply increase their water intake. But is it actually needed? Nobody is quite sure of how much water intake is healthy and what is the minimum amount of water to drink a day? Let’s dive in and find out!

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Water To Drink A Day?

The minimum amount of water to drink a day varies and depends upon a person’s age, gender, diet, activity level, and even the weather. Kidney diseases and pregnancy also alters the amount of water intake. Ideally, you must drink half your weight in ounces per day. This might include other fluids like soups and juices too.

minimum amount of water to drink a day
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Our kidneys can excrete only 1 litre an hour. If we consume more than that, our kidneys may not work as efficiently. Our bodies should be balanced and when we drink too much water, it disrupts this balance. This reduces the amount of sodium in the blood which may cause –

  • fatigue
  • weakness
  • irritability
  • convulsions
  • confusion, etc.

How Can You Fix This Problem? 

Sip water throughout the day, rather than chugging it all in one go. Even after a workout, resist the urge to drink water in one go. You should also monitor the body for signs of adequate hydration. This may include proper urination, producing sweat, normal skin elasticity and the feeling of being satiated, not thirsty.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy!

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