Worrying About The Side-Effects Of The Vaccine? We’re Here To Debunk Them.

Worrying About The Side-Effects Of The Vaccine? We’re Here To Debunk Them.

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The Indian Government as of now has approved three vaccines for emergency use. Following the approval of Covishield by AstraZeneca, Covaxin by BharatBiotech, Sputnik vaccine by Russia.  

The use of Covishield was suspended in around 16 countries due to its blood clot issue which has now been resolved, and their inoculation processes have also been resumed. Currently available, Covishield can be given to people over 12 years of age and has an efficacy of 70-90 percent; whereas, Covaxin has an efficacy ranging between 78-100%, yet waiting approvals from WHO. 

All kinds of vaccines have side effects, which commonly include discomfort from pain or fever that is a normal sign that the body is building protection.  

The vaccines for COVID-19 have also shown side effects which include dizziness, weakness, rashes, and an increase in heartbeat. Some people also showed headaches, joint pain, high fever, itching at the injection site. There has been no clear indication as to why this happens, but some people have also had blood clot issues. Both the vaccines have two doses to be taken, within a span of 12-16 weeks and to 12 weeks respectively.

What to do when you have the above-mentioned side-effects?  

  • Use a wet cloth on the head if the fever increases
  • Visit a doctor if the fever crosses 102 F 
  • Do not massage or ice the arm being inoculated 
  • Keep yourself hydrated, at least 4-5 liters of water must be your daily intake 
  • Eat a good balanced diet 

If the side effects are unbearable it is advised that you visit a doctor. Remember, physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. 

Stay safe.  

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