10 Quotes To Help You Prioritise Life Over Work

10 Quotes To Help You Prioritise Life Over Work

We're often so busy with life, we forget to take time for ourselves and prioritise life over work. Let these famous celebrities remind you.
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Most times life can feel like all you do is work. And you’re not alone in feeling like this. Statistics show that half (54%) of the Indian workforce is burnt out and struggling to prioritise life over work. So, does this mean we’re doomed?

Work-life balance comes with conscious practice and discipline. It comes with building a harmonious relationship between work and your personal life, which is equally important. In an idea world, you’d be able to nourish your soul once your work hours are done but most times, that’s not always realistically possible. However, it does not mean that you don’t try. Coupling a variety of soul-nourishing activities and rest in your downtime, along with quality time with friends and family will help you fall out of the trap that you’re not build to have work-life balance. These quotes by your favourite celebrities will help you understand the importance of self-care and how you can prioritise life over work.

10 Quotes To Prioritise Life Over Work

prioritise life over work
prioritise life over work
prioritise life over work
prioritise life over work
prioritise life over work
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10 Quotes-Work-Life Balance-07

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