5 Things We Learned From A Special Yin Yoga Session By Sneha Desai 

5 Things We Learned From A Special Yin Yoga Session By Sneha Desai 

Yin Yoga is a rare form of yoga, here’s what we learnt about it in an hour long session with Yin Yoga expert Sneha Desai.
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Yin Yoga offers a significant amount of benefits that help to alleviate pain and tension, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve one’s overall well-being as well as provide poses that help with better sleep. Yin Yoga is the practice of holding a pose for a longer time frame which teaches you to sit with and observe uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations as they arise. 

Yin Yoga practice stimulates the nervous system, promoting relaxation. It helps calm the mind, with focusing your attention on the breath. It’s gentle and suitable for all ages and levels – from those who are new to yoga to experienced practitioners. 

During this one-and-a-half-hour Yin Yoga, Sneha Desai has shed light upon the subtle nuances of Yin Yoga and how it benefits an individual. 

5 Lessons We Learned From Sneha Desai’s Session

yin yoga poses for better sleep

1. How to Overcome Medical Issues 

Having medical issues such back problem, knee pains, or any other joint pains need not be an excuse to not practice yoga. Throughout the session Sneha elaborately discusses and shows different options that one can adopt to practice different asanas. She emphasises on how yoga need to be always done on the floor and using a chair or other accessories to assist in any way does not take away from the benefits of the asanas, if done properly.   

2. The Importance of Warm Up 

Anyone who does any form of exercise know how important it to warm up the body before starting the practice. It hold the same for Yin Yoga. At the very beginning Sneha starts off with some stretching exercises to help loosen the limbs and joints to better assist the balance. She also mentions that it’s okay to use support whenever needed or necessary. 

3. Why We Need to Focus on Breathwork

As she continues with the asanas she mentions that Yin Yoga is not just a physical training. She emphasises on the fact the holding a pose for an extended period requires as much of internal mental grit as physical posture, if not more so. As she proceeds through each asana, she implores everyone to focus on their breathing and relax themselves mental, this helps in holding the pose longer and with more patience.  

4. Yoga is About Maintaining Balance 

Yin Yoga is all about maintaining balance, not just the body balance but also the mental balance. Being able to mentally focus on a relaxing thought will help you gain balance on your body. Balancing poses help to improve steadiness in the ankle joints, strengthen your core and legs and enhance focus. They also give us direct feedback to when we’re not being fully present and can transform patterns of mindlessness into mindfulness. 

5. The Four Essential Asanas for Relaxation

Sneha Desai has focused on four poses during this session; Malasana, Pigeon Posture, Frog Pose, and Happy Child Pose. Each of these yoga poses are focused on helping you relax your muscles and joints and provide better sleep. Sneha has also provides numerous options, alternative ways you can do each pose in case you have some medical issues. Sneha also emphasises on taking a few second to relax and realign between each asana before starting the next one. This helps your body to revitalise and get ready.  

Yin yoga is slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. 

Watch the entire session with TRM Master Sneha Desai below.

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