What Does The Third Eye Look Like In Meditation?

What Does The Third Eye Look Like In Meditation?

Learn what does the third eye look like in meditation and activate it through the process of cleansing and realignment.
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When you start studying and understanding what spiritual growth is, you will often come across the term chakras. But what are these chakras? There are seven Chakras in a human body and they are essentially energy centres located in different parts of your body where different nerve points meet and are directly connected to your well-being and perception. In this article we will explore the third eye chakra, also known as the Ajna chakra, which is the sixth chakra in our body. We will understand what does the third eye look like in meditation.   

What is the Third Eye/Ajna Chakra? 

In many religions and mythologies the third eye has a visual representation. The Third Eye of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva and The Eye of Horus in the Egyptian mythologies. In the Ayurvedic philosophy it is closely related to the pineal gland. This is a pine shaped, pea sized gland located near the hypothalamus in the brain.   

This chakra is located in the centre of your head right between the eyebrows. The Ajna chakra is believed to be connected with higher order perception, awareness and spiritual communication. Many spiritual leaders believe that the third eye chakra is once activated can lead to deepened wisdom and insight, it also forms a stronger spiritual connection with the self. 

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How to Activate the Third Eye Chakra? 

In order to achieve the third eye activation, one must focus on realigning the three aspects of human life, the physical, mental and spiritual.  

For cleansing the physical aspect one must start with a healthier diet. A good diet is directly connected with a better lifestyle. One must include Vitamins (especially D3), Citrus fruits and juices. Reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates is also essential. Apart from the diet, a healthy sleep schedule is also necessary. Too much eating, sleeping or activity can disrupt the flow of the chakras and therefore must be planned and followed.  

When it comes to vitalising the mental state, practice of meditation and yoga is the go-to route. These practices relax the mind, and as the mind calms the alpha waves the brain activate and helps with higher awareness and focus. There are many different types of meditation and yoga practices that one can choose from. Select the one that you are most comfortable with and which comes naturally to you. You can start to cultivate awareness through present moment meditation.

This brings us to aligning the spiritual centre. Once the physical and mental aspects are aligned the spiritual centre follows right behind. You don’t need to have a separate practice for this. What you do need to remember though is that, once the alignment activates your sixth sense or intuitive abilities will see an upsurge and when this happens you owe it to your consciousness to follow through. 

What Does the Third Eye Look Like in Meditation?

Once the Third Eye Chakra activated one experiences a deeper spiritual connection with the self. Ones attention span, focus, and precision also increases gradually. One also experiences a heightened awareness of what’s happening in their surroundings. All the senses become sharper and vitalised. 

Initially the activation of the Third Eye Chakra can cause irritation, anger, and a sense of dread. But do not let this stop you. Remember that this is a cleansing process and during it one must go through the downward spiral to emerge on top. Once these subside you will feel a sense of inner calm and peace.  

Another sign of the understanding what does the third eye look like in meditation is the feeling of devotion, immense gratitude, and total surrender. When the Third Eye Chakra opens you will experience these emotions at their highest, these can be directed not only towards divinity, but also towards and art form, a subject or a practice.  

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