5 Foods That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood

5 Foods That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood

Good food always makes us happy, but let’s say these 5 foods do it better.
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Working from 9-5 can be quite tedious, God forbid if you have an ill-tempered boss, things might get even worse. Here are five things that you must include in your food to stay in the best of your mood.


Bananas are widely available and the best thing to eat to curb your bad mood. They contain vitamins A, B, and C, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, and carbohydrate. Vitamin B6 helps convert the nutrients into mood-lifting hormone serotonin. This helps to boost your mood and helps sleep better. 


Good mood is just a bowl away
Good mood is just a bowl away | Image: File Image

Ask Popeye about the benefits of spinach. Spinach has folate, vitamins B3, B6 and B12 in large quantities. Certain deficiencies in B vitamins which can cause depression and produce low serotonin in the body can all be found in excess in the spinach.  


Chocolate makes everyone happy. From the old to the young it always seems to make things better. A small square of dark chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins and boost serotonin levels. A study also showed that chocolate eaters produce fewer stress hormones and their anxiety levels had decreased significantly. Now you know why to offer your better half a bar of chocolate before saying something risky?


The most handy eatable and one of the most popular fruits in the world. A medium-sized apple would contain about 25 grams, 19 grams of sugar and up to four grams of fiber. Research has also shown that apples have high antioxidant and due to their rich content of natural sugar and fibers, apples provide a slow and sustained release of energy.


A cup of good mood
A cup of good mood | Image: File Image

Caffeine has been found to trigger the release of brain chemicals such as dopamine, which is important for performance and mood. But caffeine also affects everyone differently. Often under studies, it has been found that it makes you irritable, jittery, sad, and sleepless. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in 2016, also found out that excessive coffee consumption had a protective effect on the risk of depression. Best effect on the mind and soul when taken in moderation. 

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