5 Inventions That Will Change The Way We Live

5 Inventions That Will Change The Way We Live

Flying motorbikes, wearable ACs and much more. These 5 new inventions are straight out of a sci-fi movie. Read on to know more.
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The accolade for most needed and the speediest invention of the century should definitely go to COVID vaccines. While the credit for those goes to the hardworking brainy scientists around the world, these inventions by a few extraordinary minds have blown us too! Some weird, some needed, some life-changing, these new inventions of 2021, are sure to influence and change the way we live.

1. A device that generates electricity from sweaty fingers
This chip can generate electricity from sweat

Sweaty palms are usually an unpleasant situation, but a few researchers from the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering have developed a device that collects sweat from fingertips and generates electricity for small electronics.

It’s a thin, wearable strip, and can be wrapped around like a band-aid. The device can collect 400 millijoules (mJ) of energy in 10 hours.

2. High-speed pods
The high-speed pods

Traffic jams are probably the most detested part of our everyday lives. To skim through this problem, Belarus-based company name uSky Transport opened a 400-meter test line in Sharjah. These driverless high-speed pods will ride around cities suspended from a steel track.

They can carry up to four passengers at a time, cost around $10 million to build, which is much lower compared to the $150 million for constructing a km of a subway. It uses fewer structural materials, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

3. Hydroponic plant holders made from plastic waste
A sustainable way to grow plants

To reduce the problem of plastic pollution, 10 students from the Universal Business School (USB) in Mumbai, initiated project Roop, whereby they upcycle plastic bottles and use them in hydroponic farming. They gather used plastic bottles and reuse them to cultivate plants through hydroponics – a method of horticulture where plants grow in nutrient-rich water instead of soil.

4. Flying motorbike that can travel 300 mph
The flying motorbike, “Speeder”

We will now be able to cover miles within a few minutes, as the world’s first flying motorbike is here. Jetpack Aviation tested the prototype of ‘Speeder’ in Southern California. It is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, that can reach an altitude up to 15,000 feet, making it perfect for leisure as well as mission vehicles for medical teams and fire and rescue operations.

It runs on diesel or kerosene and can support up to two passengers.

5. Wearable air-conditioners
World’s first wearable air conditioners

“It’s so hot outside, wish I could just carry an AC with me.” This line is now a reality, as in July 2020, Sony launched the Reon Pocket, a wearable cooling device that fits seamlessly in specially designed t-shirts and shirts and can cool the surface of the skin by as much as 13 degrees. However, it is only available in Japan currently, and is set to launch in with the Tokyo Olympic Games.

It retails to around $120 and will help people cope better with heat waves.

Which of these inventions are you excited to try?

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