5 Meaningful Life Lessons We Learn from Our Teachers

5 Meaningful Life Lessons We Learn from Our Teachers

Life lessons teachers teach can leave a lasting impression on a student’s life. We’re exploring 5 such teachable moments that impact various aspects of our lives.
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The influence of a teacher goes beyond the walls of a classroom and there’s no overstating how important their role is in a student’s life. From keeping us away from bad influences to teaching us good manners, and morals, and punishing us for questionable acts while also rewarding us for good ones, teachers shape our lives in a significant way. All of us can point to a specific teacher who changed our lives and made us who we are today. In light of Teacher’s Day, we’re celebrating 5 such valuable life lessons that we learned from our beloved teachers.  

1. Hard Work Results in Success

We’ve heard this innumerable times and we’ve seen it happen with our own eyes but as children, teachers were the ones who taught us the true meaning of hard work. Teachers are the first ones to realize that some students may be extremely talented but, in the end, there’s no real substitution for hard work. If you want to succeed in life, you need to work with determination, discipline, and dedication.  


2. Respect – Give It to Get It

A good teacher leads by example and is the first one to give respect to gain it. Compassion begins in school where kindness and respect play a great role in defining our character. By giving respect to their students, teachers show us that to get something good, we need to give it to others first.  

3. Always Make Smart Decisions:

A good teacher will teach their students to weigh out all the possibilities as a series of poor decisions can lead to failure. Students are taught how every step they take has significant consequences and with time, they learn to make smarter choices.  

4. Not Everything is in Our Control

Several aspects of life cannot be controlled and that’s just a truth we all must accept. Going to school is a great example of the same. Students who dislike going to school must realize that it’s essential for our development, but they’re also needed by law. A good teacher makes us realize that we may not like doing what we’re doing but trying to control things that aren’t in our control can lead to mental chaos. It’s better to accept the fact and move forward.  

5. You Can Become & Achieve Anything

Many believe in destiny and how it cannot be changed. However, teachers fight hard to break this misconception and make students realize that if they put their minds to something, they can most definitely achieve it. All they need to do is realize their own potential. Teachers are the givers of hope and belief that make a great difference in a student’s life.  

We may not understand these lessons when we’re younger but once we truly come of age, we find out that when our teacher was speaking to us about choice and having control of our own destiny, it was all true. Great teachers make us believe in ourselves and our power to make a difference and that by our own choice and free will, we can choose the path or destiny that we wish to follow. We are the shapers of our future, and this is something that no textbook will ever teach us.  

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