10 Most Inspiring Murals From Across The Globe

10 Most Inspiring Murals From Across The Globe

What better way to spread awareness and positive messages during this trying time other than thorough artistic murals and graffiti?
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The empty streets have become a canvas for street artists around the world. These artists have interpreted the situation in their very unique imaginative styles. Let’s take a look at a few of these very imaginative and apt street arts from around the globe.

Guardian Angels by Tvboy, Barcelona, Spain

Tvboy is an Italian artist based in Barcelona. He started street art on the streets of Milan in 1996. His simple yet appealing art style is very eye-catching and suggestive. He has made quite a few murals spreading awareness about COVID-19.

The Simpsons by Nello Petrucci, Pompei, Italy

Nello Petrucci is an Italian artist who lives works from Pompeii and New York. He has a background of cinematography, short films, video-art and even independent films. He has received numerous awards for his work. One of the dominant features of his works is its extreme dynamism. He has created this amazing street art featuring the popular cartoon, The Simpsons, spreading awareness about the importance of stay home in the current situation.

Chained by The Rebel Bear, Glasgow, UK

The Rebel Bear is a talented artist and known for his political and religious themed Murals. The artist has created a few wall arts on the streets of Glasgow portraying the huge threat that COVID-19 posses to all and spreading awareness regarding it all.

The Buddha by Tyler Street Art, Mumbai, India

Tyler is a Mumbai based urban street artist. The artist was inspired by Tyler Durden, the anti-establishmentarian and this is strongly represented in his art. His work is a strong combination of humour, satirical images combined with powerful texts. He has painted The Buddha with a mask, on one of the streets of Mumbai to spread awareness of COVID-19  

Bubble by Princess Tana, Tartu Estonia

Princess Täna is a very talented artist based in Tartu Estonia. She has made this a very precise street art showcasing the current scenario, the importance of social distancing, and thorough hygiene. Her art depicts and girl in a bubble, and captioning it, “Living in a bubble. Just to be more ironic, a soap bubble.”

Spread Love by Jason Naylor, New York, USA

Jason Naylor is an award-winning artist, designer, and creative director grounded in Brooklyn. His work is mainly dipped in black and bright colours infused with the message of love and positivity. He believes that kindness is the key to success, and his mission is to spread colour and positivity across the globe. And in an attempt to do so during the current pandemic situation he has created many paintings using his famous heart logo as a symbol to spread awareness.

Toilet paper by John D’oh, Bristol, UK

John D’oh rooted in Bristol has a very unique art style. His work wacky and inspired by his love for films, anime, comics, and legends of urban art. Most of his work is created from media influence and recycled material in 2D and 3D. While elucidating about the pandemic situation he has depicted the current obsession of toilet paper in a very quirky and funny way.  

Free Hugs by Jeremy Novy, Los Angeles, USA

Jeremy Novy based in Los Angeles is an artist who brings his street art to life with thoughtful social examination. Novy’s art is acclaimed across the country. In the current situation, he painted a cute huggsie bear with a large ‘canceled’ mark on it to promote the importance of social distancing.

Virus by Subset Collective, Dublin Ireland

Subset Collectives are a group of artists, designers, filmmakers, and curators who aim at creating thought-provoking dialogues regarding important social issues with their art. Amidst the crisis the have created an artwork showcasing the willingness and ableness of people to contribute and fight against COVID-19.   

Love by Ruben Rojas, Los Angeles, USA 

As an artist, muralist and activist Ruben’s mission is to ignite the creative genius in everyone and inspire all to see the world through the lens of love. During this pandemic in his attempt to spread his message ‘Live through Love’ he created an astounding art piece with his signature art style.

These artists have used their talent and spread the necessary awareness during this time of need in their own unique ways.

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