5 Minute Tips: How To Use Positive Affirmations For A Fulfilling Life

5 Minute Tips: How To Use Positive Affirmations For A Fulfilling Life

Affirmations are powerful sentences, positive statements that are aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind.
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We all are in need of emotional support and guidance. Your ability to foster positive thoughts determines the route of your emotional health. Your choice of words to describe what is happening to you, to explain the emotions you’re feeling hold a lot of power. When you consciously choose to have a positive outlook towards life and its stressors, you develop a natural tendency to remain cheerful and optimistic, even when faced with adversity. Unfortunately, the support and guidance we need to develop our emotional health aren’t always available to us. So, it leaves the responsibility on us to cultivate habits and techniques that help us feel good about ourselves. Instead of waiting for others’ support, you can create ideas that reassure you and make you feel better, one of the ideas being the use of positive affirmations.  

Affirmations are powerful sentences, positive statements that are aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind. They work as a tool to motivate you, to challenge you, and to push you to reach your full potential in life.  

Life is stressful, there is negativity galore, but affirmations when spoken or chanted to ourselves can change the way we think and act in our lives, in a positive way. They push us to rethink our emotions, alter our behaviours and reassess our beliefs. They also help us focus on thinking and talking about what we want while also keeping our mind off of what we don’t want and what we fear. So, in today’s video, we will share 5 tips on how can you harness the power of positive affirmations for a fulfilling life.  

1. Enhance self esteem  

Words hold a lot of power, even if we’re unaware of it. Cultivating positive mental self-talk helps you manifest realistic confidence and great self-esteem into your sense of self. We may all not have been raised in a positive family, or we may have faced situations that put us down. But if you want to lead a fulfilling and happy life, you need to support yourself. Negative behaviours usually stem from unfair views of ourselves, lowering our self-esteem in the process. Using affirmations that address these bad feelings can repair the damage.  

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Start by writing affirmations that start with “I am…” Write down all of your good qualities and counter negative self-talk with such positive affirmations.  

2. Sleep better with affirmations  

How many times have you stayed up at night, unable to deal with the constant thoughts running through your mind? Every night before sleep, our subconscious mind runs haywire with thoughts about our job, our family, our relationships and much more. This can lead to poor sleep quality, insomnia or worse, anxiety. Practicing positive affirmations before sleeping can relax your mind and body both, improving your sleep quality which is essential to bring positive change into your life.  

3. Deal with negative thoughts  

Negative thoughts truly hold us back and prevent us from living a happy life. But reconditioning your inner voice with positive talk can combat negative emotions and feelings. Write down the thoughts that bother you and then counter them with positive solutions. Always write your affirmations in the present tense to help you feel grounded to the present moment. For example, “I am well-prepared and am confident of my abilities,” is an incredible affirmation to combat thoughts of not being good-enough or of failing. Always remember to say them as a fact, not a possibility.  

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4. Build positive habits  

Good habits create great lives. Affirmations can rewire your brain with positivity and make your mind ready for success. Most of our shortcomings form due to fear, fear of failure, rejection, opposition, etc. Affirmations combat this fear by allowing you to stop feeling passive about your reality. You create your reality in the present moment and the positive change you implement will ensure that you feel good about your emotional and mental state right now, making you able to manifest real change in life.  

Start by writing about areas of your life that you want to change. For example, if you want to be more confident, write affirmations that help you feel confident about real things like your ability at work, your communication techniques. Show confidence in yourself and with daily affirmations, your mind will start believing it.  

5. Improve your focus and determination 

It’s impossible to learn and grow and become successful without facing the adversities and setbacks life throws at you. To become a better person, we need to rise above. Looking at setbacks as temporary and focusing on the larger picture helps as stay positive. When things go wrong, respond by saying, “I believe in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life.” Becoming the person you want to be is a journey and looking at negative situations as a single event rather than connected to other potential events can enhance your ability to maintain positive thoughts as you move ahead. 

Writing good affirmations starts with having a realistic view of the world. We as humans have our own set of flaws, challenges and traumas which we need to address to heal completely. If overcoming anxiety is one of your goals, you will need to address your nervousness in the affirmations. Real happiness is being content with who you are, and that’s a journey you need to set on by yourself. If you focus on simple, joyful things and let go of negative feelings, a wonderful present moment faces you, ready to be enjoyed.  

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