5 NGOs You Can Volunteer At To Show Your Love For Animals

5 NGOs You Can Volunteer At To Show Your Love For Animals

Being kind to an animal doesn’t necessarily mean adopting them, you can do your part by making them feel welcomed, cared for and fulfilled and these NGOs can help you achieve this incredible feat.
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The life of stray animals is tough. Maybe even tougher than ours. Having to scourge through garbage for food, finding a warm spot to spend the night in, and taking care of their little ones are just a few of the external stressors plaguing their lives. Most of these animals on the streets depend on humans for sustenance; for food, water, even love, and support. You may not think twice before petting a street dog or that neighbourhood cat on your way home from work but the kindness and love you show doesn’t go unnoticed by animals. Sometimes the bark of a dog or the chilling cry of a cat catches our attention and we wondered to ourselves, ‘How can I volunteer to to help?’ This is where a lot of animal NGOs come in.

However, our pressing schedules can impede kind intentions and easily distract us from such moments, making us forget about them. In the process, we forget that as humans, we share the responsibility of helping, caring, and paying attention to the helpless and mistreated creatures of the world.  

Animals are such kind beings. They teach us how to be selfless and unconditionally loving, they fill our lives with immense happiness and we get the privilege of giving them respect, care, and kindness in return. If you are inclined to add joy to such precious lives, we’ve curated a list of 5 NGOs you can volunteer at to show your love.  

5 NGOs To Volunteer At To Share Your Love With Animals

1. Kalote Animal Trust

Starting in November 2017, the Kalote Animal Trust began as a way to give a warm and safe home to vulnerable animals. Today, the foundation has over 370 animals, from dogs, cats, cows, buffalos and goats to pigs, sheep, monkeys, donkeys, and a variety of birds. Sameer Vohra, the founder, always knew he wanted to do something to help those in need, especially the ones who can’t speak for themselves and he feels that the Kalote Animal Trust is just the first milestone in a wonderful journey.  

How can you volunteer?  

You can visit their website and fill out a short form relaying your message to them.  

Or you can even drop them an email on kaloteanimaltrust@gmail.com  

2. YODA 

YODA – Youth Organization in Defense of Animals, as the name suggests, works towards sheltering the welfare of animals. Founded by Priya Agarwal Hebbar, Akarsh Hebbar, Meenal Rajda, and Pooja Sakpal, YODA has rescued over 100 abandoned and injured animals from the chaotic streets of the maximum city. Not only that, the organization also holds awareness programs in schools, slums and residential societies to educate those who can make a change through conscious actions. They even have rescue, rehab and rehome programs, making sure that they provide the best protection and happiness for each animal.  

How can you volunteer?  

You can register to volunteer on their website. You’ll be given a PDF document with all these volunteer openings, making it easy for you to pick where you want to be involved. From handling social media to taking adorable pictures or helping out with cleaning or with the vet, no help will go unnoticed at YODA. They also have various donation programs or contribution funds that you can add to.  

Or you can simply drop by at the center between 11 AM and 6 PM to help them out.

Address: Sub Plot, Pragati Bungalow Jay Bharat Co-Op Housing Society, 29, Road Number 3, Near Cutting Crew Films, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

3. Feline Foundation 

An animal welfare NGO in Versova, Mumbai, founded in 2017, The Feline Foundation began as an avenue for cat enthusiasts to join hands and help the underprivileged four-pawed fur babies in the city. Committed to improving the living conditions of thousands of ownerless felines, the foundation focuses on providing medical care, nourishment, population control, and community involvement to spread awareness and get more hands and paws on board.  

How can you volunteer?  

If you’re open to offering at least 3 hours per week for a minimum period of 4 months, you can head to The Feline Foundation’s website and enroll in their volunteer program. You’ll receive certificates for 50+ hours of volunteering, not to mention, you’ll get to play with adorable fur babies and show them your love.  

If you’re someone who can’t take a lot of time out of their busy schedule, drop them an email at info@thefelinefoundation.com with your full name, contact details, and availability and the organization will accommodate you to work something out.  

4. The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) 

Over 144 years old and standing strong, The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals including the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospitals for Animals was established back in 1874. Giving a home as well as shelter and treatment to over 9000 to 10000 needy animals each year, the organization housed in Mumbai protects the city’s animals by providing them food, water, and nutrition, ensuring that their living conditions are safe and hygienic, keeping a check on pollutants caused by animals and transporting them to safer and happier spaces when taken to Mumbai’s slaughterhouses.  

How can you volunteer?  

An array of volunteer opportunities are present on BSPCA’s website. All you need to do to become a volunteer is be above 14 years of age and commit to 12 hours a month with 10 am as your reporting time. You can foster an animal, walk the dogs on weekends, groom the horses, help raise funds, be a canine companion and much more.  

5. Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) 

Helping those in need since 2010, Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) believes that all animals deserve the best, no matter their condition. Focusing on the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned animals, AMTM aspires to improve the lives of such unfortunate beings through the power of love, kindness, and empathy.   

How can you volunteer?  

You can write to AMTM at getinvolved@amtmindia.org to volunteer as either a rehab volunteer where you’ll socialize and interact with puppies, dogs, and cats, helping them form a healthy and safe bond with humans, or you can volunteer as a veterinary volunteer. Here, you’ll need to present your medical expertise before you’re allowed to contribute to managing the medical cases in their clinic. 

Helping those who can’t speak for themselves and who show unconditional love when treated right can be a great way for you to give back and make a noticeable difference. Animal welfare is a mammoth task and there’s a long way we still need to go but the smallest actions can significantly improve the lives of several animals so consider a kind action once in a while.  

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