5 Reasons Why We Love The Book Glow By Vasudha Rai

5 Reasons Why We Love The Book Glow By Vasudha Rai

Beauty writer and author Vasudha Rai decodes the science of natural beauty ingredients to offer effective home remedies.
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“After many years of tinkering with new-age nutrition, I have come to realise that what changes us is simple everyday food,” and this is the core focus of this revolutionary beauty book Glow by Vasudha Rai. She is a pioneer in the beauty industry and has been writing on beauty since 2002. Vasudha Rai has also been a beauty director at Harper’s Bazar, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Health. She writes a beauty column in The Hindu, and is a Yoga teacher as well.

The best part about Glow is that it is written from personal experience. For over a decade she has struggled with grade IV endometriosis, and a lot of ingredients and recipes in the book have helped her battle this issue.

Here are 5 reasons why this book must be on your TBR list.
Goes back to the roots 

Over the years beauty has become a very external concept. Due to the heavy emphasis on outward perfection, the importance of internal purity was ignored. With Glow, Vasudha Rai tries to redefine the concept of beauty as inside-out. Her emphasis on the fact that we are what we eat and even goes on to explain how and why this statement holds true. Exploring ancient Ayurveda, this book is a must-read if you want to change your understanding of beauty. 

It explains the four pillars of beauty 

This explanation will completely change the way you think of beauty. Vasudha Rai explains the four pillars of beauty namely – Vitality, Clarity, Radiance, and Peace. Vitality stands for energy and strength and this part focus on developing the core body strength by introducing healthy fats. The second part, clarity, explains the importance of detoxification. It also gives various examples of how you can detoxify your organs such as the liver and purify the blood. Radiance is all about lighting from within, it lists out antioxidants that make you feel radiant from within. Lastly, peace, and this is the most interesting part. It explains how peace and calm within influences our external being. It lists herbs and ingredients that calm and relaxes your nerves and brain.  

Lists down all of the vital ingredients 

This book includes the most common ingredients such as turmeric and tulsi, as well as the rarest herbs such as giloi and katuki. Not only does it mention over 60 such herbs, but also includes over 100 ways of using them in your daily life. It is not just a touch and go, Vasudha Rai even explains the science of each ingredient. From preparing exotic teas to using them as seasoning or spices, this book includes everything.

Curated by industry experts 

While researching for this book she had a five-member expert panel to assist her. The panel included a sports nutritionist, two ayurvedic doctors, a naturopathic chef, and an herbalist. With the expertise of each of the panellists, the book includes the exact art of utilising the ingredients in a correct manner, with precise quantities, methods, and recipes.

Simple yet effective 

The main purpose of the book was to hook the reader and keep them interested enough to actually change their mindset. And with the simple language, the book is very easy to understand and follow. The writer hasn’t used many jargons to make it a simple and fun read. Even a novice can understand and develop an interest in the book.  

Who is this book for? 

This is one such beauty and lifestyle book that is a must-read for everyone and not only those who are connected to the beauty industry. It’s for all ages and anyone who wants to understand the importance of going back to the roots and accessing the inner beauty to thrive externally.  

Where can you get it? 

Glow is available in all the major bookstores offline, online, and on kindle.    

Book Title: Glow by Vasudha Rai       

Publication: Penguin Random House India  

Price: ₹299 

What are you waiting for? Go, redefine beauty with this amazing read and keep glowing!  

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