5 Senior Citizens Whose Selfless Services Are Making The Society A Better Place

5 Senior Citizens Whose Selfless Services Are Making The Society A Better Place

Age is truly a number for them!
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The elders in our lives have been our guiding light, and a source of motivation and these 5 elders held nothing back when it came to do good for the society. They add meaning to the words – humanity, empathy, and compassion.

Ramchandra Dandekar, Maharashtra

This 78-year-old homoeopath has been treating the poor since the past 60 years

Ramchandra Dandekar is a mission to treat poor patients in the remote parts of Maharashtra. He is a resident of Sushi (Chandrapur) who sets out every day on his bicycle to treat the poor patients in the remote tribal villages of the state. “I am 87 years old but not tired, and nor do I want to rest. I want to serve the people; that gives me immense energy,” he said. With two bags containing medicines and testing kits, Dandekar sets off at 6.30 am and returns by 12.30-1.00 pm. He has treated thousands of poor and tribal patients. His fee? “It’s not mandatory to pay; it depends on a person’s ability.” Most of the times, the gratitude and goodwill of the patients and their families are enough for the good doctor.

Lakyntiew Syiemlieh, Meghalaya

A 50-year-old grandmother from Meghalaya proves that there is no age to learn

Lakyntiew Syiemlieh passed her 12th this year, being a single, working mother of four children, and two grandchildren. She followed her dream for higher education 32 years after dropping out of school in the year 1988. Despite being the oldest student in the school, she got a lot of support from the children. When she went to get her admission for the tenth standard, the principle felt that she had come for the admission of one of her grandchildren or granddaughters. However, seeing Lakyntiew’s zeal to study, she was granted admission.

Postman D Sivan, Coonoor

He walks the difficult paths of 15 km daily to deliver letters

In the remote areas of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, postman D Sivan walks through thick forests to deliver mail to inaccessible areas. He has been doing this since the past 30 years. From braving the jungle animals to walking through stony and slippery places, he used to convey his letters to the people. His perseverance to work inspires all of us.

Jasmer Singh, Haryana

He ran 62 km to celebrate this 62nd birthday!

Age is just a number, and it has been proven by Jammer Singh Sandhu, 62, from Haryana. It took him 7 hours 32 minutes to run 62.4 km on his birthday. At this stage of age, he left no stone unturned to keep himself fit and participate in the Half Marathon race. Youngsters are asking them tips to stay fit. Sharing his video of the 62.4km race on social media, he said, “Today I have completed 62 years of my life and on this occasion completed 62.4 km run. Still ahead of my age.” 

Loongi Bhuiyan, Bihar

A 70-year-old man made a 5 km canal by cutting mountains

Loongi Bhuiyan, a resident of Gaya, Bihar, has been digging the canal alone for the past 30 years. He wanted to solve the problem of water scarcity in this village, and today because of his sheer dedication and hard work, three thousand people are benefitting.

The 70-year-old used to go to the jungle every day and dig. Initially, his family prevented him from doing this, but he did not obey and kept digging. Today, everyone is praising his hard work. Loongi Bhuiyan showed us that nothing is impossible if you’re determined!

Never letting age come in the way, these men and women have done outstanding work. Which one of these amazed you the most?

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