Daily Good News: Ranjeet Yadav, UP ‘SuperCop’ Who Provides Free Education to Children

Daily Good News: Ranjeet Yadav, UP ‘SuperCop’ Who Provides Free Education to Children

SI Ranjeet Yadav from Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya works in his free time to teach underprivileged children from some of the neighbourhoods of the city.
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A few months ago, Sub Inspector Ranjeet Yadav came across parents of children from the neighbourhoods of Ayodhya begging to fend for themselves. In a heartwarming gesture, the cop spoke with the parents and volunteers to take classes for the kids for free. Many were willing and grateful, said Yadav, speaking to news agency ANI.  

And so began Yadav’s ‘Supercop’ journey of imparting education to underprivileged children during his free time. He conducts classes in the mornings from 7 am to 10 am before heading to his duty as a Sub Inspector. The classes take place in open spaces or under a tree, reminiscent of historical Gurukuls. As time passed, more kids who would have otherwise succumbed to begging to earn a living, joined his classes. It’s commendable to see that SI Ranjeet Yadav recognized that no matter the circumstances, children will work hard if they know that someone in their life is willing to support them. He decided to become this support system for more than 50 kids.  

Many children, especially those from impoverished backgrounds, lack someone to mentor them, somebody that they feel comfortable approaching in times of need. Providing this kind of balance and validation to kids while remaining an effective authority figure is key to counteracting the notion that these kids won’t succeed.  

One of the 50 kids in Yadav’s classes said they feel “pretty good” about attending these lessons and would love to study further and go to school. For kids who have nothing to go home to, or haven’t learned another way of life, education is crucial in giving them a sense of purpose.  

SI Ranjeet Yadav has been serving in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh for almost 10 years now. Coming from a less fortunate background himself, Yadav recognizes the hardships faced by those who cannot afford proper education. He believes that positive thinking can help build resilience and lead you to overcome anything and everything. After several months of teaching kids, he has begun a small school at his own expense to teach impoverished children. From Constable to Sub Inspector, Yadav has come a long way in his journey and continues to inspire many while he serves the country.  

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