5 Healthy Eating Habits Around The World

5 Healthy Eating Habits Around The World

Each culture has its unique eating habit with its own hidden benefits, read on to know what.
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Travelling opens a lot of avenues for people and one of the joys of travelling is experiencing local foods as well as how locals eat. We, Indians, are habituated to eating with hands. Similarly, people from around the world have their own way of eating food. Here, we have rounded up a few. Let’s say Bon Appetite!

Chopsticks are equivalent to spoons in China | Image: File Image

Our neighbouring country is very distinct from us when it comes to eating habits. The use of chopsticks makes people eat slow. Because of which, a person inevitably eats less. Research shows that people who eat faster are more likely to gain weight and have cardiovascular diseases.


The emphasis that Japanese people place on food’s appearance is worth stealing. Their food usually has small portions, is visually delightful and loaded with vegetables. The small portion size keeps calories in check and veggies provide the required minerals and vitamins. One glaring difference is that in Japan it is customary to slurp your noodle or ramen as it is seen as a display of enjoyment. While here, in India, making sounds while eating is not considered as a polite eating etiquette.

South Korea
The elders must eat first in South Korea | Image: File Image

When it comes to food, South Korea has its own unique norms. Here, they make sure that every time you seat for a meal, the seniors and elders on the table begin eating first. For them, respect for elders in the key. And unlike China or Japan, you do not hold your food bowls in your hand while eating, unless you are receiving food that is being served.


For Russians, lunch is king size. It is the heartiest meal of the day that is consumed between 1pm to 3pm. And they prefer to go light on dinner, which usually consists of simple breads and vegetables, followed by a cup of tea. A light dinner is proven to be very beneficial for the body as it reduces the risk of a lot of health problems. Besides, eating a big meal in the later hours of the day is a major culprit behind gaining weight.

A colourful and healthy plate | Image: File Image

Food that makes you happy? A Mediterranean diet, which primarily consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, and olive oil doesn’t just promote a healthy body but makes us happier too. How? A comparative study shows that participants who ate Mediterranean food, which consists of the food items listed above were much happier than those who had desserts, soda and fast food. The good fats present in their food do the trick. Moreover, their food has cancer-fighting and diabetes-preventing properties.

Taking inspiration from these international diets and eating habits, you can mix-n-match elements to create your own version of healthy living.

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