5 Ways To Keep Your Child Engaged While Working From Home

5 Ways To Keep Your Child Engaged While Working From Home

Now you can carry on with your day’s work with ease while your kids get busy with these activities.
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As the lockdown began, a new way of working was adopted. Working from home and attending all the meetings over Zoom or Google Hangouts has become the new common. But this lifestyle is difficult to follow with your kids at home. Working parents are looking for creative and responsible ways to engage their kids while they, the parents, do their daily work, attend meetings and work calls.

Here are 5 entertaining ways to keep your child engaged during the work from home period

Virtual Tours

Due to lockdown many of the Museums and Zoos globally and even NASA have opened up virtual tours. Why not set up a tour for your kids while you are attending an important meeting? Exploring ancient eras and wildlife from the living room will be fun and very educational.

Lean on the online classes

If you want your kids to explore and learn something new, platforms such as BrainPOP, Duolingo, Khan Academy, and Scholastics are really popular. Make an account for your child on one of these. It will not only keep them engaged but also encourage them to indulge in their hobbies and explore new ones.

online classes

Establish a daily routine

Just because the schools are shut doesn’t mean that you can’t have a daily routine in place. Start the day with daily schoolwork routine using fun and engaging platforms online. You can also give them do-it-yourself tasks or assignments that they can work on while you attend your virtual meetings.

Involve them in chores

While you work you can give them simple household chores. Ask them to clean up the shelves, make them sit next to you and supervise while they peel or cut the vegetables for lunch. Set daily chores for them such as, folding the laundry, organising their toys, clearing the table after meals. Get creative with this. Make it a fun activity, introduce winning stars and reward points for tasks well done.

Make them feel involved

The kids aren’t used to seeing their parents’ home all day, every day. It is very different and exciting for them. No school, plus parents at home is all holiday fun for them. Instead of shutting them out while you work, it’s better to talk to them about the process. Make them understand that you have to work and get a few policies in line. Like if the door is closed means you are working and shouldn’t be disturbed and if the door is open means you are free to spend time with them.

Make the most of the lockdown by making it the best fun and learning experience for your kids.

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