5  Yoga Poses To Burn More Calories

5 Yoga Poses To Burn More Calories

Start practicing these easy yoga poses to burn more calories.
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Yoga does not come to our mind when we think about weight loss. But it is a wonderful practice for those who want to shed kilos and burn calories faster.  Yoga is a dynamic exercise of poses that, when you practice warms your muscles up, develops muscle, and strength.  

There are a few yoga poses that will burn more calories than running on a treadmill. 

Here are a few of them: – 

Plank position 

This pose burns a lot of calories because it requires your major muscle groups to be engaged. These muscle groups include your abs, shoulders, and glutes while forcing your body to resist gravity. The longer you stay in the pose, anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes you will burn more calories.

Chair position

To do this move you need to activate the largest muscles of the body, the glutes which burn a lot of calories on activation. Chair pose is safe and easy for all yogis to perform. When you begin by standing your feet together you must focus on the proper form required; because if your form is not proper you will not burn as many calories as you could have with proper form. Make sure to warm up and stretch properly because this will require you to bend your knees for a while.  

Chaturangana Dandasana 

This classic yoga sequence is basically like holding the low part of a push-up. When done properly it will engage your core and most of your major muscle groups. Your core needs to be contracted, your legs engaged, and your arms working to maintain a 90-degree angle in the elbows. This position is quite challenging and forces even the most advanced practitioners to be mindful and move with control.  

Wheel Position

This is one of the most known positions of yoga, but little do people know that this position burns a lot of calories as well when done properly. You need to work up to this position and warm-up for it. Wheel position requires you to pay attention to form and alignment. It will engage your buttocks, shoulders, arms, as well as heart and lungs. You may get your heart rate higher if you perform wheel in a heated room after a long warm-up.

Surya Namaskar 

One of the most challenging and calorie burning positions is Surya namaskar. This is because this includes a lot of muscles that are activated. A series of 12 poses, activated the cardiovascular system while engaging the abs, glutes, calves, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. It will leave you feeling energized, strengthen and stretch the muscles while fusing breath with movement. You generally inhale when you are on the expansive pose and exhale on the contraction. The series oxygenates the blood and strengthens the lungs.

It’s about time you gave the treadmill a break and tried these yoga positions at the comfort of your home.

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