Should Yoga Only Be Practiced In The Morning? Ira Trivedi Answers Commonly Asked Questions Around Yoga And Mindfulness

Should Yoga Only Be Practiced In The Morning? Ira Trivedi Answers Commonly Asked Questions Around Yoga And Mindfulness

Ira Trivedi answered a lot of questions and gave useful insight into the practice of yoga in the webinar held on 19th June.
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Yoga is the union of your mind, body, and soul. This ancient science keeps you fit from within, raises your vibrations, and adds years to your life.

But it being such a historic practice passed down for generations, is bound to snowball myths and half-true theories around it. With a few people knowing what exactly yoga stands for, it’s essential that we dig deep to uncover the truth.
Taking efforts in that direction, hosted an exclusive webinar with the esteemed yoga expert Ira Trivedi, who shed light on what yoga really is, how it affects us and debunked the myths around yoga.

Does yoga change your thought process?

Yoga is the easiest way to change your thought process, and welcome new energy. It balances the chronic energy in the body, by releasing the trapped negative energy in the various parts of the body. This unlocking of the prana (energy) helps maintain the clarity of the mind and balance your thoughts and your life force.

Can yoga be practiced if you have a physical condition?

Yoga helps in controlling the pain and improving your endurance over time. You can practice yoga even if you have conditions like arthritis, or a bent spine, the only catch is to avoid advanced postures that involve the movement of these body parts. You can employ certain yoga props that allow you to practice an asana without putting too much pressure on the ailing body part.

Can yoga be a part of the COVID-19 recovery process?

If you don’t have a fever, you can begin practicing yoga immediately. Gently yoga will help you recover, with the right breathing techniques, body stretching asanas, improving your lung functioning, and opening your spine. Begin with gentle yoga in your recovery period, and later when you feel healthier and fitter, you can move on to slightly more vigorous forms of yoga.

Is yoga just about asanas?

“My entire journey transformed when I learned that yoga was a way of life, and much more than asanas,” said Ira Trivedi. Yoga is not just about the asanas, but the way you eat, the way you think, the way you behave, the way you breathe. It surely begins as asana practice, but slowly we feel positive changes in every aspect of our life.

Should yoga be practiced only in the morning?

Ideally, yoga in the morning on an empty stomach is the best, but it’s not often possible for a lot of people, so you can even practice it during the evening. Morning is ideal because you’re fundamentally balancing your prana in your body, so your state of mind is more balanced, and you can tackle the day ahead of you in a more positive way. It’s perfectly fine to adjust your practice according to your day, and so sometimes even doing it at night is beneficial and helps welcome a sound sleep.

Do the benefits of yoga decrease if you do it indoors in an air-conditioned environment?

Maintaining the room temperature between about 25 to 27 degrees is okay. That way it allows the body to breathe naturally. If the temperature is very low, to about 18-19 degrees, then the environment becomes too dry, causes our sinus cavities to dry up. A lightly humid environment is ideal.

Can women practice Kapalbhaati?

Women can easily and surely practice Kapalbhaati. They may feel uncomfortable during the menses and pregnancy, otherwise, the asana is very safe and beneficial for women. Only if they have very high blood pressure, they should avoid Kapalbhaati.

Do we need other forms of exercise along with yoga or is yoga sufficient?

It’s important to have a balance. Nowadays, with our sedentary lifestyle, our movement is restricted. So, it’s beneficial to include some cardio exercises to warm up our bodies. That way it engages the cardiovascular muscles and adds movement to our lifestyle. You could also mix it up by practicing yoga in the morning and then going for a walk in the evening.

Why do you stop seeing the benefits of yoga after a while?

Our bodies can adapt quickly. So, when you start practicing yoga, you will notice pro-active changes. With time, when your body gets used to the routine, you might feel that the benefits are flattening out, but in fact, transformation is still happening at a subtle level. Yoga practice has many levels, and each level demands a different routine. You go from a beginner to intermediate to an advanced practitioner over time. Inculcate changes, stay with the process, and be patient.

What is the role of music while practicing yoga?

If you’re in a class, the energy of the teacher will keep you focused. But when you’re doing yoga by yourself or online, listening to meditative or classical music can help you create a positive environment. It allows us to slip into a meditative state and focus better.

With these questions out of the way, are you ready to begin your practice of yoga?

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