6 Types Of Fasting & How They Impact Your Mind & Body

6 Types Of Fasting & How They Impact Your Mind & Body

Along with weight loss and detox, fasting has long-term benefits for both your mind and body.
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With intermittent fasting fast becoming one of the most popular trends among fitness experts around the world, it’s time we look into deeper into different types of fasting. 

There are a number of ways of fasting, but before embarking on that journey it’s crucial to know the benefits that come with it and the effects it will have on your body and mind. Additionally, make sure you speak with a healthcare professional before you begin any kind of fasting. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to fast and you can choose what is suitable for you. 

intermittent fasting
Intermittent Fasting |Image Source – Shutterstock
The 16:8 Method 

This method involves fasting every day for 16 hours and then keeping fixed meals in the next 8 hours. Within the eating window of 8 hours, you can eat two to three meals. But keep in mind that you cannot eat non-stop during the “eating window”. Consume healthy portions of green vegetables, fruits and nutrient-rich dishes. You can stay hydrated and drink lemon water and unsweetened green tea if you feel hungry during the fasting window. It goes without saying that you should avoid alcohol completely. Do remember that you will feel a slight sense of nausea and light headache initially as your body adjusts to the new eating schedule. Try having your dinner by 7 pm as it gives you time to let the food settle before bedtime and you also don’t end up skipping meals the next day. 

Eat Stop Eat Method 

This fasting method was popularised by fitness expert Brad Pilon and has been quite popular over the years. It involves fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week. The good news is that you can eat normal meals for the rest of the week and you can also choose when you want to begin as long as it’s 24 hours. You can fast from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch, all have the same result. Water, green tea, and lemon water are permitted during the window of your fasting. It might be difficult to start this weekly fast, so we suggest you start with fasting for 14 to 6 hours and gradually increase the time.  

The Warrior Method 

This method was popularized by fitness expert Ori Hoofmekler. Inspired by the medieval way of living, where warriors had to spend most of their time on the field or training, it involves eating super healthy and light meals that include small amounts of raw fruit and vegetables all day. This light snacking is followed by one big meal at night. Basically, you fast all day and feast at night within a 4-hour window.  

The 5:2 Method 

Perfect for working professionals, the 5:2 method involves eating normally for 5 days a week and fasting for 2 days. While it is recommended to take a break between the days, you can always start with fasting over the weekend. It will give you time to get used to the new cycle of eating. Additionally, you will be home in case you show any symptoms like headache or weakness. Keep in mind to eat foods that will help build up your immunity as well.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated with lemon water, coconut water and other healthy home drinks. Also ensure that you consume a balanced diet packed with essential nutrients and proteins.

Traditional Fasting

Another method to fast is the traditional way. Traditional fasting can get quite rigorous if you are not used to fasting at all. In most cases, it involves abstaining from food and most liquids for periods of 24 hours or more. You can’t consume anything at all for 24 hours and it may not be comfortable for everyone as it can take a toll on your body if you have never fasted before. A lot of people include traditional fasting in their ongoing spiritual journey as it gives the practitioner time to look within. It also helps in yoga and meditation practice. Some traditional fasts last for a week or even months. The participant usually doesn’t eat at all, consumes only water, tea and sometimes even a little juice or broth each day. 

Losing weight is not a very easy task. At the same time, you need to understand the needs of your body and shouldn’t deprive it of that. Understand that need, whenever you eat make sure the meals are healthy and work out whenever possible. Seek professional help in case you find it difficult. 

Start small. Achieve small.

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