7 Life-Changing Things Corona Taught Us In 2020

7 Life-Changing Things Corona Taught Us In 2020

The most difficult year did teach us the most important life-lessons.
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December is a month where everyone enters a ‘self-reflection zone.’ We revisit everything we did that year. We let out a guilty smile for those unfinished ‘New Year Resolutions,’ yet make new ones. We look back at our ups and downs and wonder how quickly the year passed by. A year can change so much, and even though we might think that 2020 gave us no happiness or memories at all due to the Corona pandemic, here are some things it surely did teach us.

To appreciate my ‘normal life’

Going to work, meeting friends, exciting trips, partying, trying out new restaurants, and what not!

The lockdown surely made us miss all of this and we should be grateful for everything that makes our life so exciting.

To not take my health for granted

We got so busy in our lives, that we neglected our health.

The pandemic was a big awakening call to take care of ourselves and the people around us.

We should focus on eating healthy foods and stay active.

To help those who help us

Our lives are easier because of a driver, cook, maid, and so many others.

And they are the hardest hit during this time.  

Promise to look out for them and offer any help they need.  

To value people in my life

The fun game nights we had on Zoom will always be remembered, right?

The distance did its magic and brought our loved ones together.

Make an effort to stay in touch and meet them often.

To take care of my mental health

All these months we spent at home, with alarming news coming in every day, did take a toll.

It made us realise that mental fitness is as important as physical.

Build a habit to practise mindfulness to stay mentally strong.

To take life as it comes

We love planning, be it anything. The suddenness of the pandemic turned our lives 180 degrees.

It tells us how no matter what planning we do; life can always surprise us.

Stay strong and go with the flow when life takes turns.

To find joy in simple things

As life slowed down, we found time to love the simplicity of life.

The evening coffee by the window, the chirping of birds, or picking up a hobby.

So, promise yourself to appreciate and do things that bring you joy.

Life is never as bad as it seems, look closer, there is always a silver lining!

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