How To Boost Your Morning Chai With Antioxidants & Vitamins? 

How To Boost Your Morning Chai With Antioxidants & Vitamins? 

In India, morning chai is much more than a simple beverage. Rekindle your passion for your favourite drink and improve both the quality of your tea time and your health.
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Setting the tone for each day with a simple morning chai (tea) habit will assist in making your AMs fresh and exciting. Spending those first few minutes of the day to set your intention can create a purpose for the day. It is a seemingly insignificant matter, but it could affect your day and ultimately your life. 

The flow of daily life appears to be hurried and speeding up. Watching the tea leaves unfold while you wait for the appropriate moment to pour your freshly brewed tea into your preferred cup is a simple way to slow down and be more present while drinking loose leaf tea. Tea is not only a beverage. It’s a means of feeding the soul and interacting with the community. 

In India, morning chai is much more than a simple beverage. Many Indians are united by a way of expressing their feelings, a way of living, and a common love. Tea is there to fill up all the potential spaces in your life, from the early morning cutting chai that hundreds of employees share at Tapri’s to “shaam ki chai” to rejuvenate. 

Tea offers relaxing qualities. It is the ideal beverage for unwinding and refreshing. Many tea varieties have numerous advantages. The go-to beverage during tense situations is tea. Tea has historically served as a headache-reliever. Tea gives us the ability to enjoy the moment as well as think intelligently. It eases tension and has antidepressant properties. 

With these simple tea recipes, you can rekindle your passion for your favourite drink and improve both the quality of your tea time and your health.

7 Ways To Boost Your Morning Chai With Antioxidants And Vitamins

1. Turmeric Tea 

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Turmeric is well known around the world for boosting immunity and enhancing health. The turmeric tea is nutritious and tasty at the same time. Black pepper is added to the recipe to harmonize the flavours and replace the refined sugar with honey. You have complete discretion over whether to add milk. 

2. Darjeeling Tea 

The flavour, which is often referred to as the “Champagne of teas,” can have a hint of astringent tannic traits as well as a musky spice that is occasionally referred to as “muscatel.” Although it is most frequently used as black tea, it is also popularly consumed as green, oolong, and white tea. With cookies or biscuits is the ideal combination. 

3. Kesar Masala Chai 

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With a delicate saffron flavour and alluring spices, this wonderful beverage is among the most comfortable variations of the traditional chai. Kesar gives this tea a calming orange hue and has the power to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms while promoting healthy weight loss. It has a royal appearance and tastes and is brimming with unique flavours and calming smells. 

4. Tulsi Tea 

We are all aware of the many health advantages that tulsi provides, particularly as the seasons change. Just boil a couple of tulsi leaves for about five minutes before continuing with the standard tea method to produce this tea. 

5. Adrak Masala Chai 

The most popular spice to flavour ordinary tea is ginger. To add flavour to this easy ginger tea, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon are added on top and bottom of the ginger. 

6. Gud Ginger Chai 

When you replace the standard white sugar for your tea with just some traditional Indian jaggery, you get a cup of chai that would be fragrant and with a rich, earthy flavour. As a long-term practice, gud has a variety of health advantages that are definitely worthwhile. Try the renowned tea houses in your city for a real cup of gud waali chai. 

7. Classic Masala Chai 

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Don’t we all adore the traditional masala tea served at each and every one of those teeny tea shops and dhabas? Why wait to enjoy this mouth-watering chai outside? When the rain forces you inside, make it in the warmth of your home. To make masala tea, steep tea in water alongside the spices, sugar, and a tiny bit of milk later. In India, it’s normal practise to flavour our daily chai or tea with a variety of spices and herbs. Several herbs and spices are utilised, depending on the household. In fact, many households in India have their own special recipe for masala chai. 

Chai tea is a flavourful, spicy drink that may improve digestion, lower blood sugar levels, heart health, and weight loss.  Since the majority of these health advantages are supported by research, it’s important to note that they are frequently related to the contents of tea rather than the beverage itself. Even so, there’s probably not much to lose if you give chai tea a shot. 

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