8 Unusual Seasonal Fruits You Must Try This Summer

8 Unusual Seasonal Fruits You Must Try This Summer

Now is the best time to give these ‘desi wonders’ a try!
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No house in India would not have a crate of mangoes during these hot months. While we love to relish on this sweet nectar, there are almost a dozen other summer fruits that are filled with health and taste and deserve your attention.

Why Should You Eat Seasonal Fruits In The First Place?

Seasonal fruits contain many essential nutrients and vitamins that our body requires in a particular season. For example, the high water content in watermelons helps in keeping our bodies cool during summers.

It is also of importance, that eating fruits according to the cycle of nature helps in maintaining balance with the planet’s resources.

Which of these have you tried?

8 Unusual Seasonal Fruits To Try This Summer

Jungli Jalebi (Madras Thorn)

It gets its name because of its spiral pods that resemble the Indian dessert jalebi. Along with India, it is grown in Mexico, the Philippines, and some South American nations. You can either eat it as is or add it to your tea or lemonade to extract its nutrients.

•             Cures gut problems.

•             Rich in Vitamin C.

•             Aids weight loss.

Kamrak (Carambola)

Crunchy, juicy, and tangy, the star fruit is majorly grown in Southeast Asia. In North India, it’s eaten as a sweet and sour chat, Australians pickle it, Jamaicans dry it, while Filipinos eat it with salt.

•             Reduces the risk of fatty liver.

•             Loaded with Vitamin C.

•             High in fiber content.

Lotka (Langsat)

They look similar to potatoes and taste a lot like grapes. They are largely cultivated in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. In India, it grows in the southern hills of Nilgiri.

•             Lowers cholesterol and fat levels.

•             Boosts energy.

•             Rich in Vitamin C.

Ambarella (Indian Hog Plum)

Much like raw mango, ambarella is consumed by Indians in pickles, jams, and even eaten with salt and chili powder. The ripen ones are enjoyed in fruit salads, puddings, and pastries. It is grown in countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Jamaica, and India.

•             Boosts immunity.

•             Cures digestive problems.

•             Improves eyesight.

Japani Phal (Persimmon)

Also known as ‘Tendu’ in Hindi, it looks like a tomato but is in fact a berry. It is relished raw or dried. The name ‘Persimmon’ has a Greek origin. They are utterly tasty and can be included in salads, muffins, cakes, smoothies.

•             Reduces inflammation.

•             Has a lot of fiber.

•             Rich source of antioxidants.

Bel Phal (Wood Apple)

It has a special mention in Hindu scriptures and is believed to be the favourite tree of Lord Shiva. It has an extremely tough exterior, and it is best consumed in the form of sherbet.

•             Coolant for the body.

•             Improves gut health.

•             Purifies blood.

Karonda (Christ’s Thorn)

It is believed to have originated in India and is also found in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and a couple of South-East Asian countries. The plant only grows up to 2 to 4 meters, and the fruit is used in pickles, jams, and preserves.

•             Good for heart health.

•             Helps regulate blood sugar.

•             Great for the liver.

Tadgola (Ice Apple)

This transparent-looking fruit is the seasonal fruit of the sugar palm tree, whose sweet juice ‘neera’ is equally famous. Its texture is much like litchi and it tastes like sweet tender coconut.

•             Rich in potassium.

•             Helps prevent fatigue and dehydration.

•             Coolant for the body.

The sun is out and about, but these fruits promise to keep your head cool and your stomach full!

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