Best Wellness Retreats In India

Best Wellness Retreats In India

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Wouldn’t you like to take a break from your regular routine, go to a serene location and restore your physical self while also reawakening your soul? India has its niche when it comes to practices like Ayurveda and yoga, making it the mecca of healing and wellness. These are some state-of-art places around India that can rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Atmantan Wellness Resort, Maharashtra

For: Meditation and wellness
A meditation session at Atmantan | Image: Atmantan

Overlooking the Mulshi Lake, this resort has a view to die for. Nestled in the Sahyadri mountains, it is at a 4-hour drive from Mumbai. Their qualified team of experts customize their wellness formulas according to the guest’s requirements. They have a very integrative approach which comprises of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, meditation, Yoga, functional fitness, and nutrition. You can also choose from their exclusive packages which includes cleansing, healthy living, weight control, and restorative physiotherapy. Find out more here.

Ananda In The Himalayas, Uttarakhand

For: Spa Fans
A rejuvenating spa | Image: File Image

This place being a former palace of the Maharaja of Tehri-Gahrwal, makes the stay even more exciting. Their award-winning 24,000 sq. ft spa is a crowd puller. This place has been the choice of retreat for Indians and foreigners alike. Resting amidst the tranquil forests, they offer a wide range of wellness-goals, ranging from detox to vitality and anti-aging.  You can also avail personalized organic health cuisine at your disposal and partake in the daily talks of Vedanta. Visit their website to know more.

SwaSwara, Karnataka

For: Self-discovery and healing
The Om beach | Image: File Image

The amalgamation of two Sanskrit words, ‘swa’ means self and ‘swara’ means sound. The retreat aligns with these words in their ideology and aims to rejuvenate the self by helping one find their inner voice. It is situated on Om beach in Gokarna, where the sound of the colliding waves is sure to calm the storm within. The property also has a special Artists in Residence programme where the mentors impart their knowledge to make healing and creativity a part of the guest’s life. Look here for more information.

Soul & Surf, Kerala

For: Finding your tribe  
Go for a surf session | Image: File Image

A little deviation from your regular wellness retreats, this place isn’t about routines or conservative practices. This place gives your soul-searching and finding-inner-peace a contemporary twist. Here, you do can that while riding the waves. Start your day with yoga, or opt for surf lessons, followed by communal breakfast in their garden. Here, you can meet and connect with other like-minded individuals from around the globe. Be a part of musical gigs, bonfires, and independent surf films night, during your stay here. To know more, click here.

Spa Alila, Goa

For: Detox packages
The Alila Diwa | Image: Instagram

The party capital of the country is also home to this renowned wellness resort. Their Detox Detour package is great for anyone dealing with tiredness, stress, digestive disorders, arthritis, fears or phobias, allergies or intolerances, emotional turmoil, as well as issues related to skin, weight, menstrual, fertility or respiration. It is available as three, five, seven, ten, and 14 night packages. This place makes for a perfect getaway which balances fun and wellness at the same time. Find out more here.

Amanbagh, Rajasthan

For: Ayurvedic treatments
Amanbagh | Image: Instagram

This place will transport you back to the Mughal era, with its pink marble carvings and graceful cupolas. Just 90 km away from Jaipur, this place is a hidden sanctuary for the soul. Here you can indulge in daily therapeutic treatments and private yoga classes. All these wellness retreats are individually curated, after an in-depth consultation with your Ayurvedic physician. Know more here.

Vedic Village, Kolkata

For: Traditional healing spa
Connect with yourself | Image: File Image

Here, at the Vedic Village, the traditional ayurvedic spa sessions offer you a well-deserved break for healing and detoxification. The Sanjeeva Ayurveda Medical Spa along with holistic medical checkups by an expert team of leading doctors, can help you with diet, professional yoga therapy, and lifestyle counseling. Click here for more.

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