Be A Better Driver

Be A Better Driver

The idea of mindful driving is about becoming more aware of your surroundings and responding to the situations.
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Driving can become incredibly stressful, especially if it is in busy cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, New York, London. Practising mindfulness while driving is the way to cut out the unnecessary tension and arrive at your destination in a much calmer state.

The idea of mindful driving is not about putting your car in gear and drifting into a meditative state. It’s about being aware of where you are and what’s happening around you. Being mindful of your surroundings.

Here are a few tips to follow mindful driving.

Switch off the music and experience the silence

When you do it for the first time it might seem as if something is missing. But just try experimenting with it once. You’ll come to learn that silence gives you the freedom to fill it with your own awareness and the perception around you. This will leave you calmer and more focused then otherwise.

Better Driver
Better Driver
Slow down a bit

You need not race through, you’ve plenty of time. It might seem a little hard to follow at first but then it’ll take off a lot of tension off you and let you enjoy your drive. It’s more important to arrive at the place in a calm and a positive state than being frenzied. Slow down and enjoy the beautiful wild flowers that might be growing on the sidewalks or the weirdly shaped tree.

Notice your attitude

It’s just a drive from point A to point B, you don’t need to become competitive over it. You can slacken the speed a little. Practice being more aware of the traffic around you. Use the mirrors, become more aware of the cars and the drivers around you. If possible, greet your fellow travellers.

Become more aware of the emotions that you feel

Notice how you respond when someone cuts you on the road. Notice if you speed up during the yellow signal; if you reach for your phone at the red light. Remain in the observation mode during the drive and try to resist such temptations.

Doing these things not only helps to become more mindful but also makes you a better driver, considering you become more sensitive to what others want and are comfortable with on the road.

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