Chambal Women Success Story: From Being Debt-Ridden To Owning A Café

Chambal Women Success Story: From Being Debt-Ridden To Owning A Café

Chambal women changed their life around with a little support and lots of self-confidence.
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Women, from a really backward village in Madhya Pradesh, coming together to form a business – that’s empowerment. A group of 10 women proved their mettle and earned everyone’s respect by becoming the sole bread-earners of their families, as well as providing livelihood to 100 other women.

The journey was a bumpy one though. Initially, they took a loan of Rs 1 lakh, to start a dry mushroom business. But, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, their business flopped, and they incurred a Rs 50,000 debt.

They braved all the criticism, and turned it into an opportunity, by making face masks in April. They also invited at least 100 women from different villages to be a part of this new venture. From May to November, they earned about Rs 8.3 lakhs, of which Rs 4.3 lakhs was profit.

Masks in the making | Image: Hindustan Times

With the thought of establishing a more permanent business, and in December first week they started a café and a stitching business.

Morena district collector Anurag Verma hopes that this group’s success story will help change people’s mindset towards women and their empowerment, as well as encourage more women to be self-sufficient.

Their undying spirit and determination will surely push more people to write their own success story!

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