Chummy – The Kindness Exchange App

Chummy – The Kindness Exchange App

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Modern life is so hectic, we don’t have time to befriend our neighbours. In the old days, no excuse was needed to knock at a neighbour’s door. Chummy app is here for our rescue now.

Bringing People Closer

We lack time to socialize or feel awkward seeking help from neighbours who though physically close, are strangers to us. An amazing new app, ‘CHUMMY’, is trying to bridge this gap. Chummy connects people seeking help or interested in helping people in their neighbourhood. Whether you need a car parking space for a brief period or someone to take care of your cat, Chummy aims to fulfill all requests and alleviate your problems. Requests are only visible to people using the app.

Chummy App: The New Way To Exchange Kindness
Chummy connects you to all the people of your vicinity and enables you to get or extend a helping hand | Image: File Image

The Limitation

There is one limitation to the Chummy app. It depends upon how willing people are to help and how open people are to seek help. The company motto states, “Like the ‘Bat Signal’ in the real world, we unite caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward and making the world a better place.”

The Core Idea

Chummy is a real-time app enabling people in a particular neighbourhood, seeking a resource or a solution to a problem. It becomes a convenient way to bond with neighbours and builds a strong community.

As long as we have people conceiving apps like Chummy, bringing people together, there is hope for humanity. An app like CHUMMY needs to spread globally, helping neighbours bond and bringing the world closer.



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