6 Habits That Will Take You To Success!

6 Habits That Will Take You To Success!

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Who isn’t attracted to success? Whether young or old, everyone gets inspired by successful people. And don’t you think success stories make for some of the most interesting and engaging themes for novels or movies? But what makes successful people? Is there any tried and tested formula to be successful? Well, not a formula, but here are a few common habits of successful persons that may have contributed to their achievements.

6 common habits of successful persons that can help you improve your own life

The early bird catches the worm

The Texas University conducted a study to find the difference between the Grade Point Average or GPA of early risers and night owls. It involved 824 undergraduate students of Psychology. The study revealed that the GPA of early birds was 3.5 while that of the night owls was 2.5. So, there was a difference of one full point in the way early risers performed.

Biologist Christoph Randler conducted a survey of 367 university students. The survey revealed that higher number of early risers agreed with proactive statements. Based on these findings, Randler stated that morning people hold important cards when it comes to business-related success. Because according to a lot of studies proactivity is linked with improved job performance, increased chances of success in career, and a higher salary. He also added that early risers are better at anticipating problems and trying to minimize them.

Now that’s a perfect mix of qualities to become successful, isn’t it?

A healthy body for a healthy mind

It is true that a healthy mind and body are related to each other. If you think healthy, you can remain healthy and vice versa. For having a healthy body and mind, learn to exercise regularly. Make it a routine, and don’t skip it, unless it is indispensable to do so. Learn one or two meditation techniques as that can help you focus better and keeps you calm as well. Meditation can be practiced anywhere. Research shows that meditation has the potential to control your anxiety. Controlled emotions can further lead to you being an efficient and more productive person. So, this habit can lead to you being successful in the long run.

Make the most of your time

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Time management is an integral part of being successful. This is a habit that can be easily cultivated. It is essential to know what all activities you have lined up for the day and which among them are important. There will always be a few activities that are mere time wasters and can be ignored. In other words, not doing those is not going to affect your productivity in any way. For example, watching TV, checking social media accounts often, and so on, can be time wasters and can be avoided to be increase effectiveness.

Read for success

This is one of the most common habits of successful persons. There is nothing like reading to open up a person’s mind, improve knowledge and learn to appreciate the various views that coexist in the world. You may choose to read fiction for entertainment, non-fiction like biographies and self-help books for self-improvement or even spiritual books for understanding the ways of God and the higher realms. But whatever you choose, make it a point to at least read for half an hour a day. You can even do it while commuting. Studies say that engaged readers are higher achievers than disengaged readers. Engaged readers have better development of cognitive strategies and social discourse. So, dust off that book shelf and pick up your favourite books.

Think of those less fortunate

There is nothing like giving back to the community and participating in some social causes to give you much satisfaction. Engage yourself, either through contributions or volunteering activities with some organisation to ensure that you get to see the other side of life.  Giving back to society may make a better human being out of you.

Perfect one habit at a time

Don’t try to incorporate all these habits at once. Pick one habit and spend 3-6 months honing that habit until it becomes second nature. Then move on to the next habit. After all, that’s how you increase your circle of influence.

There is no fast track way to become successful. And there are many other habits that successful and productive individuals follow. Each may have their own formula for success and when you read their stories, you get to know these. But these are some common habits of successful persons that are sure to help you. With these pointers, you can head in the right direction.

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