4 Steps That Will Change Your Life!

4 Steps That Will Change Your Life!

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It is said ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’ – such is the power of words. Did you know that the kind of emotional vocabulary we use shapes and controls most of our emotional experiences? The kind of labels we put on our experiences itself becomes our experience. Words hold the power to re-direct your thoughts and emotions, which will ultimately change your life. If you are wondering as to how to change yourself overnight, pay attention to these tips –

How To Change Yourself Overnight?

Become conscious of the habitual words you use to describe your unhappy state

Begin to notice the labels you put on things when they start becoming tough. Like – “I am so worried about this” may be converted into “I am a bit concerned”. Underplaying your own stress may actually make things easy on you. It makes you more joyful. As a result, it gives you the strength to deal with any problem. Consciously changing your attitude towards problems, makes life much easier.

Write down 3 words you use on a regular basis that intensify our negativity

When down in the dumps, you generally use negative emotions to describe yourself and your being. Words like depressed, frustrated, angry, etc. Softening the intensity of these emotions may just help you deal with them.

how to change yourself overnight
Pen it down! | Image: File Image
Write down 3 words to describe any positive experience

Use positive words to describe your day. In spite of having a tough day, using negative words will just amplify the situation. Think about these words, that describe your life. Words that you can say and own!

Get leverage so you follow through

Take two people you trust and would not want to disappoint. Explain to them your situation and how you want to change. These people will make sure you follow through with these changes. Whenever you have the urge to use a negative tone, these people will ensure you look at the brighter side!

So start today and you will see a real change. This will have a significant positive impact on the quality of your life. It will also impact those around you, your family, friends, and colleagues. 

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