7 Skills That Will Help You Get Along With People

7 Skills That Will Help You Get Along With People

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Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are unable to make any conversation with the people around us. We have difficulties in participating in any group discussion. But getting along with people is not as difficult as it sounds. To be able to participate or even lead in any discussion or conversation, the following tips can help.

Eye Contact

Eyes are the windows to the soul. We often hear this phrase all around the world. Making eye contact is the very first of human experiences. This helps you pick up on nonverbal nuances which you don’t generally speak of. 

Muscles for facial expression

Our brains automatically copy our facial expressions. When someone smiles at you, you mostly automatically smile back. Facial muscles rarely lie. Pay attention to a person’s facial expression to know how fake or real he is.


Sitting up straight shows that you are actively listening to the other person. This encourages them to talk openly.


Pay attention to a person’s emotional state. Affect is the scientific term for emotion. You won’t be able to communicate effectively if you don’t understand the emotional level of the person. Trust your instincts – it always knows something your brain doesn’t. 

Tone of voice

Prosody refers to the tone, pace, rhythm of your voice. It infuses a layer of emotion to what you speak. Soothing tones result in better conversations and have more positive outcomes.

Hearing out

Empathetic listening means paying attention to another person, their emotions and responding without judgment.

Your response

Emotions are contagious. If you are upset or angry, your emotions will leave an impression on the person around you and impact the quality of your communication. Pay attention to how you feel, as it affects the way people will feel around you.  Lastly, go with the flow, and do not overthink. Sometimes, the only thing stopping us from having a conversation, are our own thoughts.

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