Say Hello To Sound Sleep!

Say Hello To Sound Sleep!

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If I asked you, what is luxury for you? Maybe a swanky house? Or a posh car? Or is it a Rolex or a Louis Vuitton? You might agree to a point or two here. But, gauging today’s lifestyle, I consider ‘sleep’ an actual luxury. Sufficient and sound sleep! And this problem is much more evident in the elderly. For them, sleep is nothing but a dream! With so many thoughts crossing their minds, their health problems, and of course stress, sleeping well is a tough task for them. One should keep a tab on the symptoms, as the consequences of lack of sleep in elderly can be unpleasant.

You May Experience The Following Symptoms – 

  • You sleep for fewer hours
  • Have trouble falling asleep
  • The quality of sleep is poor
  • You wake up frequently during the night
consequences of lack of sleep in elderly
Sleepless nights | Image: File Image

How Can You Curb The Consequences Of Lack Of Sleep In Elderly?

1. Limit Your Gadget Use In The Bedroom – 

Mobiles and laptops should actually be banned in the bedroom. They do not allow your brain to rest and unwind, which may lead to trouble falling asleep. Switch to reading books.

2. Develop Some Bed-time Rituals 

Play some soulful music, light some lavender candles, take a hot shower, meditate, or even practice some deep breathing before you sleep. It will help you relax and sleep well.

3. Don’t Chug On Water Before Sleeping

Minimize the amount of water you have before sleeping, this will reduce the ‘bathroom trips’.

4. Being Tired Is Actually Good

Old age leads to less mobility. Because of which the body does not get tired, and you have difficulty sleeping. Engage in some light physical activity throughout the day. Like – walking, jogging, swimming, etc. This will also help you improve your health and keep diseases at bay.

5. Cut The Carbs! 

Foods that are high in sugar and refined carbs such as bread, white rice, desserts, etc. cause wakefulness at night and pull you out from the restorative stages of sleep.

Think Right Tip: 

  • Learn to let go of stress and live in the moment
  • Avoid relying on sleeping pills, they might cause some side-effects
  • Take up some hobby or activity that you like, it will boost your mood

Source: Health Guide

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