Delhites To Breathe Clean Air Soon

Delhites To Breathe Clean Air Soon

Rejoice Delhites, for you’ll will soon breathe clean and fresh air thanks to the much talked about smog tower that can clean upto 130 Cr Lt of air each day.
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Recently, Delhi has been reeling under great pressure…pressure of breathing unclean air. Gasping and breathing people have been trudging along bout their daily activities but the smog-filled air has been the cause of many health ailments; especially for children, the elderly and those with, the breathing problems.

However, now, with the ‘Kurin City Cleaner’, an air purification tower that has been designed by Kurin systems, Delhites can breathe easy soon. These tall structures, which are essentially ‘smog towers’ are in fact, huge air purifiers that reduce the particles that contribute to air pollution. The 40-feet tall tower would be filtering and providing clean air to almost 75,000 people within a radius of 3 km.     

Pavneet Singh Puri, the co-founder of this ‘tower’ said that the Wold Intellectual Property Organisation has published the company’s patent for this air purifier, which is also the world’s largest and strongest.

Moreover, this smog tower will run on solar energy as long as there is enough space, thus, eliminating the need for an electric grid, in turn making it cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. Certainly, a great way to give back to the environment, while providing clean air to mankind.

Co-Founder, Kurin Systems, Madhur Mehta expressed that they wished to show how effective this technology could be if only used before the situation worsens. He believes that not only Delhi but also the country can be saved, not to mention innumerable lives.

We appreciate such people and their efforts and only hope that more people contribute to saving the environment in any way they can.

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