Did You Know Colours Of Holi Can Help You Relieve Stress & Feel Calm? 

Did You Know Colours Of Holi Can Help You Relieve Stress & Feel Calm? 

Certain colours have a calming effect while certain set off specific emotions in us. Let’s find out which ones signify what.
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When you’re getting to know someone or vice versa, one question always pops up, “What is your favourite colour?” But have you ever wondered, how does the answer to this question determine what kind of a person we are? Is it really important whether we like red or green more? What makes us happy about some colours and have strong emotional reactions to others is very personal to us. The world is full of colours and how we see them varies throughout our lives. Colour psychology proves that colours affect our emotions, depending on their brightness, shade, tint, or tone. The festival of colours serves as the perfect time to revisit what the colours of Holi represent and how they can help us in our lives.

While we celebrate the festival of colours once a year, surrounding ourselves with mood-lifting hues can significantly affect our well-being and health. Let’s first understand how certain colours of Holi make us feel and then you can work toward incorporating these colours into your life through various approaches.  

How Different Colours Can Impact Our Mood & Well-Being?  

Different colours can have different physical, emotional, and psychological reactions on us. While some may calm you down, some may stimulate you. The key is surrounding yourself with colours that help you harness their umpteen benefits for your personal well-being such as inner peace, stress reduction, and finding balance. Let’s explore the different colours in the spectrum and understand how they can change the way you feel.  

1. Red  

As an exciting and stimulating colour, red draws your attention. It is associated with action, making you want to do something. Harness the power of this colour by using it to stay stimulated, motivated, and focused. As red stimulates the mind and metabolism, you should place it in a spot in the room where there is high energy and intensity. The best space to use red in your home is in the workout room. A burgundy accent wall can keep you motivated enough to push harder. While red accents in a neutral room can add some vibrancy to a calmer space. The comforting warmth of muted reds in smaller doses represents love and romance.  

Image | Unsplash / Chris Barbalis

2. Pink 

Feng Shui strongly advocates that hues of pink can soothe various negative energies as well as keep them understated. This colour creates harmony and balance in your thoughts. Although pink is instinctively looked up to as a feminine colour, the right shade of pink promotes tranquility and peace. Exposure to large amounts of pink has a calming effect and helps release feelings of anger, aggression, and neglect. Lighter shades of pink are related to feelings of love and kindness.  

colours of holi light pink colour image
Image | Unsplash /  S O C I A L . C U T

3. Orange 

Orange is yet another colour of stimulation and enthusiasm. Like red, it draws the eye but is not as overpowering and bold. Orange is also said to increase your hunger, so adding orange accents to dining rooms like table clothes, floor tiles, or plates can help stimulate your appetite. Other places you can inculcate this colour is in a reading nook with a carrot-hued armchair or an orange carpet that’s warm and welcoming.  

Image | Unsplash / Sergey Pesterev

4. Yellow 

Often considered to be a cheerful and warm colour, yellow certainly lifts our spirits and self-esteem. It indeed is a ‘happy colour’. A stimulating and positive colour, just laying your eyes on it energises you. However, your mind and eyes could get tired looking at it as it’s a high-energy colour. If you want to incorporate yellow in your home or office, choose to include it as an accent that acts as a mood lifter. Opting for paler shades like wheat, butter, parmesan, or shortbread could also help uplift your spirits.  

Image | Unsplash / Anastasiya Romanova

5. Green 

Green gives out a very earthy and natural feeling because it symbolises nature. It is a biophilic colour that makes you feel one with nature and the great outdoors. The lighter shades of green are very comforting, balancing, and harmonising. Wearing this colour keeps you calm and refreshed. In chromatic treatments, green has often been used to fight depression and irritability, regulate the pituitary gland, and help patients in therapy recover from panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. The most stress-reducing shades in the green family are beige greens and pale-yellow greens. 

Image | Unsplash / Teodor Drobota

6. Blue 

Blue is probably the world’s favourite colour. It is soothing, tranquil, serene and orderly. Blue boosts productivity. Hence, it is used to colour office walls. It is also a sign of security and dependability. Blue has tremendous power to manage stress and calm a busy mind. It slows down your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and reduces anxiety. It is believed to have an astringent effect. Choosing the right shade of blue for your bedroom wall leaves a calming effect and will also help you sleep better. 

Image | Unsplash / Tim Johnson

7. Purple 

Purple is the blend of two opposites; red and blue. Hence, it can carry a few stimulating elements of red while also being as calming as blue. For many, purple is more of an ostentatious and opulent colour for everyday spaces. As a colour that both stimulates and calms, purple belongs in a space where you need a little bit of both. The perfect space to add a purple wall or purple accents is a craft or meditation room, a place where you want to be calm yet active. 

Image | Unsplash / Mike Enerio

8. White 

How can we not talk about the colour white when we talk about peace and calm? It’s the flagbearer of peace. It symbolises clarity and freshness in thoughts and being surrounded by white really helps calm you down, making it ideal for pregnant women. However, the catch is to get the right hue of white. If you go dull, it might be a bit of a downer; and if it is too bright, it might stress you out. Stick to the warmer, creamy versions. 

Image | Unsplash / Sumner Mahaffey

There are several ways you can carry the energy of colours through your life. From walls coloured a bold hue to having gemstones, or candles that make you feel calm and zen, you can use colour and light to restore balance in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. 

May the vibrant colours of Holi fill your life with joy, happiness and prosperity!  

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