Distance Can Actually Help You And Your Relationships Grow

Distance Can Actually Help You And Your Relationships Grow

Long-distance relationships are hard work but there are a few undeniable benefits to it as well.
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When it comes to long-distance relationships things aren’t always smooth and glitch free. And long-distance relationships are not only with your partner, they can be with your parents, friends, siblings, even colleagues. Yes, and we agree that maintaining any long-distance relationship is hard work. But here’s a secret, spending time apart for a bit can actually make your bond stronger. Read on to know how. 

Benefits of long-distance relationships:

You get to know each other better

When living apart, there’s nothing much that you can do but express yourself with words. Other commitments bind you to spend the little time that you get to talk productively. You become more open and expressive in your communication.

You learn to communicate and resolve conflicts

Misunderstandings and communication gaps are bound to happen. It requires a lot of maturity and understanding by both the parties to handle it. When you begin communicating you get to understand what you want and need from each other and yourself. Developing this skill is a necessity even if you aren’t in a long-distance relationship. 

You appreciate the time you do get to spend together

Being together less frequently spurs you to be grateful for the time that you do spend together. You enjoy even the most mundane things like grocery shopping. Knowing that you have limited time to spend together ensures that you pay undivided attention to each other which boosts long-lasting happiness. 

You make more memorable moments

Being away from each other you put in more effort to make your time together more memorable and special. You’ll be more enthusiastic to try out new things and new places. You go to crazy lengths to make even the most normal day special. These vivid memories become important and positive touchstones in any relationship. 

You make more memorable moments
You learn to be more patient

In this world of fast replies and instant noodles, our patience level is almost always at a tipping point. However, good and healthy relationships require a lot of patience. Patience is a very important life skill it enables you to take a long-term view of situations and helps you tolerate minor frustrations without getting stressed. To be honest, long-distance relationships seem to be designed to teach patience.

You get time to pursue your other passions and interests

Living apart from your loved ones automatically frees up your time. So, instead of spending every spare minute face timing and calling them why not invest that time in something that you love doing. Read a book maybe, learn a new instrument or pick-up any other new hobby. This will advocate you to meet and interact with new people and form new connections and relationships. And this is not cheating on your loved ones back home, it’s making you an interesting, well-rounded and a happier individual. 

You develop independence 

When you start living apart you learn to tackle daily challenges that life throws your way. Be it doing your laundry, buying your groceries, getting your car serviced or cooking your meal, doing all of this by your own makes you self-sufficient and independent. 

Though there are quite a few benefits of long-distance relationships we will not deny the fact that it can get difficult and lonely at times.

Here are a few tips to keep the road bumps to the minimum: 

tips to keep the road bumps to the minimum
Prioritize your schedules well

Work schedules, sleep preferences, time-zones, all of this and much more can cause havoc in the beginning. But you need to set your priorities right and work around it all. Be mindful to choose a mutually satisfying rhythm and fall into a pattern that’s convenient and supportive. 

Don’t rely solely on technology

Thank our lucky stars for 21st-century technology that lets us facetime, call, and text our loved owns whenever we want. Though all of this is important to keep us in touch let’s not forget the thrill of being together. A letter, a postcard, sending them their favourite candies or flowers or ordering their lunch for them can go a long way. 

Focus on quality communication

Realise how precious any communication that you do is and use it to your advantage. Make sure that you are still having the most important conversations that build you up no matter how many miles separate you. 

Let the “boring” details become a connection

Quality communication isn’t all about the amount of time you speak to each other, in fact, it’s more about sharing the tiny details that make you feel closer to each other. 

Don’t put your life on hold

There’s no doubt that long-distance relationships require tons of work but make sure that you aren’t sacrificing more than what’s required. Make the most of the free time that you get after prioritising your loved ones. Added bonus? It will make the time apart go faster.

After knowing this we understand the meaning of the song ‘Ye Dooriya Bhi Hai Zaroori’. What do you think is the most important aspect of being in a long-distance relationship? 

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